Biochemical Crisis 4: Reproducing Demo Hidden Mode Unlock Method Announced

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There is a hidden extremely difficult mode in the demo of Biochemical Crisis 4: Reproducing: the chainsaw frenzy mode, which is only available in the trial version, but not in the official version. Generally speaking, the chainsaw frenzy mode appears randomly, and players need to repeatedly enter and exit the game to refresh, but now the YouTube master 7rayD has shared the method that can directly unlock this mode.
First select the “Main Story” option in the main menu interface, then press and hold R1+L1 (PS5 version) at the same time, and continue to press ↑←↓→ ▢ △ ○ ×× Can be unlocked (for Xbox version, press and hold RB+LB at the same time, and then press ↑←↓→ XYBAA).
For the PC version, according to the feedback of the players, the key sequence of the keyboard is: hold down Shift and the space bar at the same time, and then press W, A, S, D, R, I, E, F. If it fails, you can try several more times.