11. Popular homestays in the suburbs of Beijing were snapped up, and camping and cycling were popular

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In the first holiday after the summer vacation, we still sang the “leading role” with short trips around. On September 12, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism released the situation of the culture and tourism market of the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2022. According to the data center of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the number of domestic tourism trips in the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2022 was 73.409 million, down 16.7% year on year, and recovered to 72.6% in the same period of 2019 according to the comparable caliber. At the same time, according to the data released by various OTA platforms, affected by comprehensive factors, this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival holiday is still dominated by short-distance family visits and suburban peripheral tours. Among them, boutique homestays, cycling, camping and so on have become popular travel modes. At present, with the “National Day” Golden Week approaching, many consumers have begun to book the “National Day” room first. In the view of industry experts, the “National Day” golden week holiday is long, and people have a strong desire to travel, which is expected to usher in the hottest Beijing outing this year.
The number of tourists in key scenic spots increased by 24%
Under the advocacy of local festivals, peripheral and local tours have become the first choice for consumers during the Mid-Autumn Festival. According to the data released by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday in 2022, domestic tourism revenue reached 28.68 billion yuan, down 22.8% year on year, and recovered to 60.6% in the same period in 2019.
The Ministry of Culture and Tourism said that local tourism has become the “main theme”. During the holidays, visiting relatives and friends, outdoor leisure, suburban tourism and rural tourism are the themes of tourists’ travel, and characteristic farms, homestays, art museums, museums and so on have become important recreational destinations for holiday tourists.
In addition, according to the Mid-Autumn Festival tourism consumption market data released by various OTAs, local tourism and suburban tourism have become the mainstream. According to the “2022 Mid-Autumn Festival Travel Consumption Recap Report” released by the same trip, affected by the holiday duration and the epidemic situation in some regions, the travel radius of tourists in this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival is shorter than that in the summer season, and the average daily order volume of scenic spots has increased by 159% compared with the weekend last week, among which, more than 500 scenic spots have orders that have increased by 200% or more on a month-on-week basis. The average daily order volume of bus tickets mainly for short-distance travel increased by 60% compared with the last weekend.
On the other hand, according to the “2022 Mid-Autumn Festival Small and Long Holiday Travel Summary Report” released by Ctrip, tickets and theme tours in the Mid-Autumn Festival are the categories with the most significant increase compared with the Dragon Boat Festival, with an increase of more than 40%, showing the rigid needs and market resilience of local activities and personalized experience. Among them, theme parks and camping products enjoyed the best growth, with growth rates of 48% and 53% respectively.
Specifically, to the Beijing tourism market, according to the situation of Beijing’s Mid-Autumn Festival in 2022 released by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, the city’s 199 key tourist attractions (regions) received a total of 3.833 million tourists, an increase of 24% year on year; The accumulated total operating revenue is 271 million yuan.
Home stay, camping and cycling are popular
After local tourism and peripheral tourism carry the “banner” of the Mid-Autumn Festival tourism market, the most popular is rural homestay. According to the 2022 Mid-Autumn National Day travel report released by Tujia homestay, this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival, the proportion of rural homestay orders in major cities such as Beijing and Shanghai has increased by 50%, and Beijing has reached more than half. In addition, Woodbird homestay said that due to the need for family outing during the Mid-Autumn Festival, the popularity of homestay around theme parks in many places across the country has increased significantly. Home stay bookings around parks such as Shanghai Disneyland, Universal Studios in Beijing, and Fangte in Xiamen are popular, with more home stay bookings for only one night.
For the Beijing market, according to the data of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, during the Mid-Autumn Festival, the rural tourism has received 1.215 million tourists in total, with a business income of 179 million yuan. The average rental rate of suburban hotels and suburban hotels increased by 5.3% and 13.5% respectively compared with 2019. The city’s rural homestay operating rooms remained at the level of 11000, with an average rental rate of 65.8%. The ecological conservation area has become a popular “punch point” for citizens’ festivals, and the number of visitors to Miyun, Yanqing and Huairou rural tourism ranks the top three.
In addition to homestay, this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival local “micro vacation” mode has also become a hot spot, especially in the way of camping, cycling, hiking and other lifestyle travel.
The crisp autumn weather has led to the fire of outdoor camping. Flying pig data showed that the number of camping orders for the Mid-Autumn Festival increased more than four times over the same period last month. Among the camping consumer groups, the proportion of “post-90s” young users and “post-80s” parent-child population is close to 90%. Similarly, the big data of the wasp nest shows that during the small and long holidays, the average search popularity of “camping” in various places increased by more than 130%. “Huizhou Camping” has become the most popular camping destination in Guangdong with a heat increase of 220%.
In addition, cycling has become the second most popular game after camping. Ma Honeycomb said that the popularity of “Qiandao Lake cycling” increased by 164%, and “Yanqi Lake cycling” was the favorite of Beijing players, with the popularity increasing by 66%.
In addition to the above methods of play, driven by local tourism, many young consumers still choose to take their families and children to spend holidays in high-star hotels, especially high-star resort hotels with amusement facilities and close to the park or scenic spots. According to Feizhu data, while the order volume of local hotels in the Mid-Autumn Festival increased from last month, the order volume of Gaoxing Hotel recovered to about 80% of that of last year’s Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, and the average consumption amount was basically flat.
The enthusiasm for travel during the “National Day” has only increased
After the Mid-Autumn Festival, there will be less than 20 days before the “National Day” holiday. As the last long holiday in 2022, tourists’ enthusiasm for the “National Day” Golden Week has only increased, and many consumers have begun to prepare for the next holiday.
Ms. Zhang, a consumer, said: “Because the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday is relatively short, we have no travel plan. We plan to arrange hotels and travel destinations during the ‘National Day’ holiday. However, from the current point of view, the volume and price of local hotels in the ‘National Day’ have increased at the same time. Some popular residential yards and popular suburban hotels have been fully booked, and the price has nearly doubled.”
According to Tujia homestay, the reservation volume of homestay for the current “National Day” holiday has reached the same level as that for the Mid-Autumn Festival. Among them, the orders for rural homestay account for nearly half of the total. Some people who have not booked rooms for the Mid-Autumn Festival have simply “grabbed” the room supply for the “National Day” holiday. At present, people’s travel mode is often decided on schedule, so there will be a wave of new orders in the next half month. In an ideal state, the number of home stay bookings for the “National Day” is expected to double compared with the Mid-Autumn Festival.
In addition to homestay, the booking of air tickets and hotels is also in advance. The big data of Qunar shows that as early as the beginning of September, the search volume of “National Day” travel increased significantly. The popular destinations for air ticket booking are Shanghai, Guangzhou, Kunming, Shenzhen, Beijing, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Xi’an, Chongqing and Xiamen. At the same time, many tourists have booked high-quality hotels during the golden week of the “National Day” in advance. Sea view rooms, french window, sightseeing rooms, hot springs and other special rooms are in hot demand. As of September 12, some hotels showed tight room availability during the “National Day” period, and some online popular homestays were sold out from October 1 to 6.
At present, there are also some businesses that are actively attracting funds for the “National Day”. It is reported that Wanda Yihua Hotel, Wanda Meihua Hotel and Wanda Yuehua Hotel plan to launch the “Wanda Lifestyle Hotel Autumn Tour Festival” after the Mid-Autumn Festival, including the joint pre-sale of ten new stores in ten cities, and provide the autumn tour promotion in conjunction with the hotels that have opened, including the newly opened hotels in the hot door tourist destination. Obviously, businesses have focused on the next longer holiday.
Wang Xingbin, a senior tourism expert, said that due to the duration of the holiday and the impact of the epidemic, the travel radius of tourists during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday this year was shorter than that during the summer vacation. It is estimated that the travel situation of the “National Day” holiday is basically the same as that of the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday. From the current booking situation, the “National Day” holiday will take short-distance travel and short-distance travel as the mainstream, but the long-term travel market will also grow. As the epidemic prevention and control situation around the country tends to stabilize, the domestic travel market may have a new growth during the “National Day” holiday. For all tourism businesses, they should grasp the last long holiday of the year and launch more products in line with the local market conditions, especially in terms of the length of stay.