Don’t miss the best time to see the aurora in Finland for the first time

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The best time to watch the northern lights in Finland is from December to January of the next year. Because it is winter, northern Finland will enter the darkness of the whole month from December to January of the next year, which is a good condition to watch the northern lights. The best observation time for Uzyoki in the northern region is from the end of November to the middle of January of the next year, the best observation time for Ivalo is from the beginning of December to the beginning of January of the next year, the best observation time for Sodan City is in the middle of December, and Helsinki is likely to see a wonderful aurora borealis every month in winter.
Now we know that the Finnish aurora can be seen in a few months.
The aurora borealis may only be a glimmer at the beginning, and gradually expand into a halo, and gradually appear in various colors, as if performing a magic show of light. Anyone who has pursued the aurora borealis will never forget that wonderful feeling. Sometimes it will stay still, sometimes it will pour out of the sky like a waterfall, and sometimes it will roll in the sky like waves.
Laplanparz River, Finland
Best view: the Patz River Bridge near the border between Finland and Russia
The Patz River Bridge gives you an unparalleled view of the aurora, where the probability of seeing the aurora is at least 90%.
Muoneo and Gilpiszarvi, Lapland, Finland
Best view: the hut in the wilderness of Lapland
The Lapland region of Finland has the scenery like a fairy tale, the endless forest, and the rugged and magnificent scenery. This is a world of ice and snow, which meets all your desires for the fairy tale world. This is the region with the most polar scenery.
In addition to the beautiful aurora, what must be visited in Finland?
1. Helsinki Cathedral. The sacred place that people admire, go up the steps. The church is beautiful, with white body and blue hat, simple and beautiful, and pleasing to the eyes. Internal structure, symmetry and balance, biblical image, candlelight, harmony and harmony. This is a very worthwhile place to visit. It is located in Helsinki, the capital of Finland.