30 color-leaf viewing sites in Beijing municipal parks

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Starting this week, Beijing municipal parks will present a colorful landscape of yellow, orange, red and green, and 30 colorful leaf viewing sites will create a colorful autumn experience for tourists.
In recent years, Beijing municipal parks have continuously strengthened the ecological restoration and environmental renovation of gardens, continued to promote the color and green extension, added 180 species of trees, cultivated 346 species of flowers, and added 870000 square meters of flowers and green space to promote the development of garden biodiversity. The garden ecological environment of the park has been continuously optimized, achieving the goal of having flowers all year round and evergreen all year round.
The autumn scenery by the river is beautiful
Located in the Houxi River scenic spot at the back of the Longevity Hill in the Summer Palace, you can watch the mistletree, Acer truncatum, white wax, Luan tree and other trees. In autumn, the lake water of Houxi River and the colorful leaves of plants complement each other. The colorful leaves of different shades and the sun are reflected on the water. The combination of movement and quiet makes the scenery beautiful and pleasant.
The pewter on the Hubei side of the waterfowl in Beijing Zoo has been covered with golden trees, and the waterfowl are playing in the lake. Visitors can watch birds and enjoy the beautiful autumn time.
There is a special flavor to enjoy the lotus in autumn. The lotus in Beihai Park presents the beauty of autumn charm, which echoes with the white tower landscape.
The autumn world of the National Botanical Garden (North Garden) is colorful. Autumn appreciation in the North Lake has become a traditional project for tourists to visit the garden in autumn. Unlike the blooming flowers in spring, in autumn, the colorful leaf trees such as golden locust, Acer truncatum, and Luan have all changed into autumn clothes, and are reflected on the lake with the mountains in the distance. They are colorful, and draw a vivid picture of autumn.
Ginkgo Avenue is magnificent
Entering the North Tianmen Gate of the Temple of Heaven Park, you can see a ginkgo boulevard. The golden ginkgo leaves set off the Huangqian Temple, which shows the beauty of ancient architecture and the Temple of Heaven ecology.
The “Ginkgo Avenue” in the South Tanmen Gate of Zhongshan Park and the “Golden Avenue” in the south of the East Gate of Jingshan Park make ginkgo manifest its gorgeous unique charm in classical gardens. The branches and leaves interweave into a dense golden leaf network; After a period of time, the sky became clear after the leaves fell, and the next place under the forest was golden, warm and deep, full of the autumn charm of the garden.
The two ancient ginkgo trees in the palace of Zizhuyuan Park were planted in the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty. In the golden autumn, the golden ginkgo trees are spectacular, especially eye-catching under the surrounding ancient building communities.
The reed flowers are as elegant as snow
More than 2000 square meters of reeds located in the center of the lake pavilion scenic area of Taoranting Park and in the same boat pavilion scenic area have reached the best viewing period. At sunset, the reeds are as soft and elegant as snowflakes. The golden ginkgo leaves in the Aiwanting Scenic Area add a strong autumn color to the park.
In the Cherry Blossom Garden of Yuyuantan Park, a large area of reed beside the lake complements the reflection of autumn leaves in the water, as well as a variety of aquatic plants, such as water lilies, calamus, and lilies. It can be said that “all trees are autumn, and the mountains are only sunset”.
In addition, the autumn color of the outdoor exhibition area of the Chinese Garden Museum is just right. Cotinus coggygria, torch tree, Acer truncatum, Acer henryi and other trees may be red or yellow, and the gradual colors dress up the autumn. The 41st Chrysanthemum Exhibition of Temple of Heaven Park opened on October 21, and the Chrysanthemum Exhibition of Beihai Park will be held from October 28 to November 13. Map provided by Beijing Park Management Center
Warm reminder
At present, there are many color leaf viewing spots in the city. In addition to the red leaves in Xiangshan, other municipal parks have good autumn color leaf landscape to enjoy. Citizens can enjoy autumn scenery in many places and view colorful leaves at different peaks.
Beijing municipal parks currently implement the measures of “limited quantity, reservation and peak shifting”, and strictly implement code scanning, temperature measurement, and check the negative certificate of nucleic acid test within 72 hours. Please make an appointment in advance when visiting the park.