A magical tree in Thailand, similar in shape to a coconut tree, can produce hundreds of jin of rice per tree

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In recent years, more and more people have traveled abroad, and we can really feel this. Take me for example. Ten years ago, there were very few people traveling abroad around me, because at that time, the common idea was that only rich people could travel abroad. At that time, many people would even think that traveling abroad is a very tall thing, but these years are completely different!
More and more people travel abroad, and many people who travel abroad have less income than we think. But in general, we all go to South Korea, Japan, Thailand and other countries around China, and the reason is relatively simple. First of all, the cost is the second. Of course, there are also some reasons for advertising.
Although we are not talking about tourism in Thailand today, this plant is also related to Thailand. This kind of plant can be said to be a very magical tree in Thailand. Its shape may be similar to that of coconut tree, but it can produce hundreds of jin of rice per tree!
Can trees produce rice? It is estimated that many people are in a daze. Don’t worry. Let’s go and see this magic tree together now. In fact, this kind of tree is the Xigu coconut tree, which is a plant that looks like a coconut tree, but can produce “rice”, so this plant is also called “rice tree” by the local people.
The bark of this tree is very rough, and the leaves are very long, about a few meters long. And this kind of tree grows very fast. It only takes 10 years to grow to 10-20 meters high. And the life span of this tree is also very short, almost only 10 years, and it can only bloom once in its life!
The so-called rice is the starch in the tree. Before flowering, there is a lot of starch in the tree. It can contain hundreds of kilograms of starch. So after you cut down this tree, you can take out the starch and finally process it into rice grain by grain. That’s what we call “sago rice”. It tastes good.
Some netizens said, “No, this is Simi?”? Is that what we drink in taro balls? It doesn’t look very similar. If it is, then the difference is too big, right? It doesn’t look like this. You can try it if you have a chance!
Another netizen said: This kind of rice seems to have been eaten, but it is not very delicious, but I just haven’t seen this kind of tree. If you have the opportunity to travel to South Asia in the future, you can go and see these. Besides, there seems to be a lot of delicious food there. I guess we won’t eat this kind of food then! What do you think of this? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!