A new journey! The official version of the independent game “ups and downs” will be released on March 10

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Open your mind to build ships and sail freely in the vast sea! The physical simulation construction game “ups and downs” will be officially released on the Steam/WiGame/Steam platform on March 10. After the polishing and optimization of the preemptive experience stage, the production team added and improved the new modules, playing methods, functions and other contents of the ship, bringing a smoother, more realistic and more magnificent ocean adventure!
Physical simulation free construction
Based on the physical simulation and highly free setting, the independent game “Sunrise and Floating” supports the use of more than 100 kinds of accessory materials to assemble exclusive vehicles in the creation environment of desert oasis, virtual islands and endless oceans. Whether it is a huge ship on the sea or a flying dragon in the air, it can also share in real time through the blueprint function of the ship expo, and become a great number of talented builders. Drive the exclusive vehicle to roam freely in the unregulated high sea, go to the islands to find treasure, join the fierce melee, even encounter pirates and mysterious monsters, and embark on the journey of immersive exploration.
Fun Play Ocean Adventure
The official version of Sink and Float will add a PVP cooperative defense mode, support inviting friends to join the room, customize the adjustment rules, and improve the corresponding AI experience, in addition to opening the brain to build everything, experience the interesting theme checkpoints, crusade the pirates to collect treasure, and unlock the multiplayer melee game. In addition, it has also optimized the camera operation, building feel and other functions, increased the flight module and the distribution of goods in the open sea, and fixed the performance and stability problems such as smoothness and interactive feedback in the preemptive experience stage.
In the future, we will continue to update more single-player games, more community-oriented ship fairs, automation and more flight modules. Sandbox building enthusiasts, please look forward to the wave on March 10!