A “super rich mansion” in Jiangsu, known as “the first mansion in the south of the Yangtze River”, is located in Wuxi

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A “super rich mansion” in Jiangsu, known as “the first mansion in the south of the Yangtze River”, is located in Wuxi
When it comes to Jiangnan, I believe that the first thing that many friends think of is the misty rain scenery in Jiangnan. After all, Jiangnan has always been a euphemistic synonym. If you want to see the scenery in the south of the Yangtze River, you must wear a cheongsam, wear an oil-paper umbrella, stand on the edge of a pool bridge in the south of the Yangtze River, and look at the crowds.
However, when we go to Jiangnan this time, we are not going to see the unique scenery of Jiangnan, but to explore this rich mansion located in Jiangnan. It is said that this house is located in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, and not many people know it.
In fact, this house was the former residence of Xue Fucheng, one of the leaders of the Westernization Movement. Those who are familiar with history should know that the Westernization Movement was very noisy at that time. Those who dare to stand up as leaders generally have a very deep vision and a patriotic heart.
In this movement, Xue Fucheng also made a great contribution. He advocated the combination of Chinese and Western culture, and the transformation of advanced western culture into our own, so as to make use of a powerful country. In addition, Xue Fucheng’s status and wealth at that time were immeasurable because he participated in the Westernization Movement, generally speaking, he was a bigwig with relatively high status or money.
It is said that the whole residence of Xue Fucheng was also built in the way of combining China and the West. It can be seen that he has integrated his ideas into his place of life. It took 72000 yuan to build the whole house successfully. After entering, the gate gave us three options, namely, Middle Road, East Road and West Road.
You can reach different places by taking different roads. For example, when you take the middle road, you will reach our parliament hall, which is called the lobby. If you take the east or west road, you may go to the backyard or back garden of Xue Fu’s family.
The biggest feeling of the whole yard is peace and tranquility. When you enter the yard, you don’t know why people’s hearts will suddenly calm down. Looking at the plants and trees, bricks and tiles suddenly feel that life is going well like this. Maybe in the noisy environment of the Westernization Movement at that time, there needs to be a place to relax people’s minds so that people can think better. So Xue Fucheng integrated the mentality and idea of that time into the courtyard, thus bringing such a feeling to people.
Now we can also go to Wuxi to see Xue Fucheng’s former residence, which really has a certain impact on our vision. After all, this is a building in the Qing Dynasty. At that time, there were not many buildings that could integrate Chinese and Western architectural characteristics. So we can also see how much western culture was introduced into China at that time, and we can also indirectly understand the process of history.