After the launch of “Death Cell” Devil City DLC, Kela’s aesthetic feeling was excited and enthusiastic by fans

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In an interview with IGN recently, Tsutomu Taniguchi, the director of DLC “Return to Demon City” of Kolami’s “Death Cell”, said that fans’ excitement and enthusiasm for DLC has been inspiring them, which may be related to the future of the series.
In the interview, Tsutomu Taniguchi said that Kolami knew that the fans of Demon City always wanted more content, which made the opportunity to interact with Death Cell not to be missed. As for Dead Cell itself, Tsutomu Taniguchi is glad that this independent game has been influenced by the classic game of Kolami, and considers it one of the greatest independent games in the past decade.
In addition, Benjamin Lauren, the chief operating officer of Evil Empire, a DLC developer “Back to Demon City”, said in an interview that the cooperation with Kolami was very smooth, and they fully agreed to the authorization of game copyright.