Ali, why is it the entrance to understand Tibet?

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In winter in Tibet, you can imagine: clear blue sky, warm sunshine, white snow mountains, majestic glaciers, blue holy lakes, quiet and peaceful villages, wild yaks, Tibetan antelopes, Tibetan wild asses, black-necked cranes
However, is that all? Of course not!!!
Some people say that to the west of Tibet, it is Ali in the sky
Some people say that visiting Ali in winter is “ruthless”
When you witness the most mysterious side of Ali, you will find that Gao Fan does not exist and the cold does not exist.
Only two words come to mind: “Unbelievable! Amazing!”
“I will come to Tibet twice in my life, including Ali once.”
If you tell me how spectacular the pyramids in Egypt are, it is that you have never seen the Zada Tulin in Tibet, China.
“Thousands of years of earth forest, Zada not earth”
Between the Gangdise Mountains and the Himalayas, there is a magnificent soil forest, the world’s largest tertiary address soil forest – Zada Tulin National Geopark
Zada Tulin, a special landform formed by water erosion, has a history and civilization of about 1100 years.
The broad valley landforms of Gangdise and Himalayas, stretching for hundreds of kilometers, have formed various soil forests under the weathering of thousands of years of wind and rain.
In the light of the morning glow, the patterns of the earth forest mountains are bright and dark, and the color is golden, vivid and rich, like golden palaces.
Under the illusory light and shadow of the snow-covered plateau, in the silent world with no signs of life, the Zada earth forest is like an ancient mythological world, which is infinitely exquisite: such as a solemn and magnificent temple, such as a blockhouse with thick walls, such as a magnificent and towering pagoda, such as a luxurious palace, such as an ancient and majestic castle. This earth forest covers everything and does its best.
If you still tell me how beautiful the foreign palaces are, it is the Guge site in Tibet, China, which you have never visited.
What is the castle and the earth forest?
The site of the Guge Dynasty was conceived in thousands of years of history and built on a loess slope more than 300 meters high
This kingdom built of “earth” is surrounded by earth forests far and near. The terrain is steep, and caves, pagodas, blockhouses, temples, and palaces are orderly arranged
In the towering earth forest, it is built from top to top, straight into the sky, magnificent and magnificent, no less than the European-style palace, and looks at modern civilization with its own attitude
At the beginning of the dawn, the Guge site, against the background of the earth forest, reflected a kind of fragmentary beauty and solemn beauty.
This is the back of a glorious dynasty, with a giant shore; Tell every “human” in front of you about the historical changes of thousands of years.
The kingdom of Guge in the 16th century entered its heyday. Many craftsmen came to Guge and left it with the most brilliant masterpiece of the future generations – Guge murals.
Not only murals, but also sculpture, gold and silver forging and other arts have reached a high level.
Gugexuan dance, the treasure of Tibetan dance art, is still singing and dancing under the earth forest.
The “blue sky and white clouds within reach”, the high Guge Dynasty and the rolling earth forest at the foot of the castle form a unique “myth”.
The gust of wind whining in the cave is like the sound of the empty valley of the Gug Dynasty. It lasts for a long time… I am on the castle like a “little bird”
How I want to fly back to Guge thousands of years ago to find out why “the kingdom suddenly disappeared overnight”. Unfortunately, it has become a mystery full of temptation.
Ali, a place where “I will definitely come back”, “the roof of the roof of the world” and “the most Tibetan Tibet” originate from the four rivers of the Gangdise Mountains: Shiquan River, Xiangquan River, Maquan River, and Peacock River, which flow from Ali region to four directions respectively; The Gug Dynasty, which disappeared in the long river of history, tells people about the vicissitudes of the past here; The magnificent, magical and mysterious Zada earth forest describes the changes of history with its traces;