“Alloy Bullet: Awakening” was released in April, and the classic IP was restored to represent the hot blood arcade

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Authorized by SNK, the newly developed horizontal motion shooting mobile game “Alloy Bullet: Awakening” has officially been released for April! Reviewing the hot blood breakthrough and perfectly restoring the character’s appearance; The 3D screen art style has been upgraded, and the soul Wulitou style continues to be classic; There are also more challenging and playable fancy levels waiting for challenges, as well as many cool weapons and novel vehicles waiting to experience
In order to evoke the classic memories of all players who love alloy warheads, “Alloy Bullet: Awakening” selects high-quality levels from multiple generations of works, and restores all familiar characters, BOSS, and various color vehicles. Not only is it the alloy style of the past, but this work also incorporates the most playable Roguelike elements of the time.
In the hunt plan, players can obtain three random ability enhancement options after passing, and choose different combat styles based on their preferences to obtain a highly differentiated experience, leaving the repetitive and tedious rush mode behind.
If you want to share fun with your friends, you can also invite them to participate in joint action gameplay. Players can communicate with each other to choose a career, work together to defeat each characteristic BOSS, experience the fun of career matching, and enjoy the joy of breaking through each level filled with new ideas and changes side by side~
Fun with fancy vehicles
Whether it’s the most classic SV-001 tank and earth digger, or the camel chariot and aircraft of Tianma Star Sky,
Players can not only see these familiar old faces in “Metal Bullet: Awakening”,
“Metal Warheads: Awakening” not only carefully restores them, but also optimizes and upgrades their appearance. For example, small tanks have a more metallic texture, while camel chariots are very agile, equipped with powerful two barrel heavy machine guns as necessary fire support.
In terms of weapons, in addition to the classic flame cannons and shotguns being transplanted into the game, new weapons such as fist guns, saw blade guns, and sniper guns have also been added! This time, it will definitely make your breakthrough more enjoyable! Not only that, there are also a large number of randomly dropped weapons types such as H, L, and I rounds in the level, allowing you to skillfully deal with the enemy. It’s time to call on your former partner to return to the battlefield!
What kind of visual impact will the combination of pragmatism and cool romanticism that can both watch and play bring to players?
Strategically defeating the enemy and facing off with sharp soldiershttps://store.stoneitech.com/
In the traditional arcade game, players can only fight against enemies within the game, but this time in “Metal Bullet: Awakening”, players have been provided with a new competitive PVP game: Top Trooper duel. This mode has been upgraded after two tests. Players can experience pure and fair PVP competition, with the pleasure of winning for the king!
Entering the matchmaking system automatically balances attributes and matches the appropriate opponent for each player. In the comprehensive and innovative map, commanders can choose any three heroes to form a team with weapons. They can use the jumping platform to quickly shuttle through the map and flexibly move around. They can enhance their strength through field upgrades while seizing air dropped resources. Relying on strong tactical skills, riding a heavy firepower vehicle, and fighting together to win the badge of BOSS! This series of new competitive fun awaits you to personally experience!
While improving the quality of the picture, “Metal Bullet: Awakening” has not lost its unique style of being funny and illogical in the series. The production team has prepared super rich and interesting colored eggs for players, such as the flexible fat man Marco Rossi, the yellow headed captive old man who can collect surprise rewards hidden in various locations, and the strange way to transform into a mummy… I hope these interesting colored eggs originated from the arcade can bring some fun to the players.
High praise and continuous competitive upgrading
Since the opening of the final test on March 9th, a large number of IP fans have come to the game with valuable suggestions and recognition for this test, including their appreciation for the expressiveness of the painting style, satisfaction with the restoration in place, and many awards for innovative design.
Its exquisite 3D modeling and the continuation of the classic nonsense style of painting have given it the ultimate contrast, and the addition of PVP gameplay has received the most recognition. Players eager to compete with their friends on the same stage applauded, calling for a public beta as soon as possible. I believe that after the official launch of “Alloy Warhead: Awakening” in April, it will not disappoint the high expectations of many players and friends.
The collision between classic IP and innovative restoration, the differentiated experience of Roguelike, and the PVP gameplay of “having fun fighting with people”. The “Alloy Bullet: Awakening” mobile game strives to be exquisite in terms of playability, strategy, and viewing, and is responsible for all alloy series enthusiasts. Currently, it has opened official appointments on the entire platform, and there is also an opportunity to participate in the appointment and draw luxury gifts.