An island in Changsha is popular. It is less suitable for walking children and appreciating autumn than people in Orange Island. It is free but few tourists know it!

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Snow is the 20th solar term of the twenty-four solar terms and the second solar term in winter. Light snow is the solar term reflecting precipitation and temperature. It is the solar term with high frequency of cold wave and strong cold air activities. The arrival of the light snow solar term means that the weather will become colder and colder and the precipitation will increase gradually. After the light snow solar term, the south also began to gradually transition from late autumn to early winter. At this time, the red maple leaves and golden ginkgo leaves gradually wither and scatter in the wind. If you say, don’t feel sorry for those who haven’t had time to appreciate the red maple leaves and the golden ginkgo.
Why do you say that? The reason is that the seasons change throughout the year, and there are different landscapes and colors corresponding to them. For late autumn and early winter, the red-hot metasequoia ushered in its best viewing period. The metasequoia growing near the water begins to wither around November every year, first turning yellow, then turning red, finally falling light, and then sprouting again in March of the next year. Due to regional climate differences, there may be some changes before and after the time. In the first and second half months of metasequoia “turning red”, it is the most beautiful moment of metasequoia in a year.
For Changsha, a popular city on the Internet, there are many places for people to go out and play, take photos and appreciate the autumn, and appreciate and feel the beautiful scenery of the red-hot metasequoia. In Changsha, when it comes to the island, or the tourist impressions related to it, most friends may think of Orange Island. However, in Changsha, in addition to Orange Island, which is very popular and famous, there are also other relatively small islands scattered and distributed, but no tickets, less people and beautiful scenery. However, few tourists know about these islands.
Today, let’s take you to Baxizhou, which is located in Pingtang Street, Yuelu District, Changsha City, Hunan Province, and see what different landscapes there are. Baxi Island in Changsha is less suitable for walking children and appreciating autumn than Orange Island, but few tourists know it for free! Nevertheless, the scenery of Baxi Island in Changsha is no worse than that of Orange Island. Why do you say that? The reason is that Baxi Island in Changsha is the same size as Orange Island, which covers an area of more than 1200 mu. Baxi Island in Changsha is not as famous as Orange Island, and it can go to the island in dry season, but not directly in wet season.
Compared with Orange Island and Yueliang Island, Baxi Island is more remote and less famous, and less known to outsiders. Baxizhou is several kilometers south of the Xiangfu Road Bridge. It was originally a desert island. Only in the last two years has a bridge been built and a park been built. You can enter directly by car, and the parking fee is 10 yuan. The vegetation on the island is mainly reed, as well as wild celery and hedge song. Not only that, but also, it is particularly worth mentioning that there are many metasequoia and ginkgo trees planted in Baxizhou, Changsha, together with the floating reeds. The snow-white reed you see now is one of the true portraits of the autumn scenery of Baxizhou in Changsha.
The island has beautiful scenery. You can hear the roar of ships and the sound of water spray. It is a good place for camping and leisure, taking photos and appreciating autumn. Especially in the late November to December of each year, which is now this time. When you come to Changsha and enter Baxizhou, you can not only reasonably avoid the crowds of tourists, but also meet a snow-white reed, golden gingko, and red-hot metasequoia. There are also many ways to play in Baxi Island in Changsha, or the right way to open it.
You can either choose to ride around the island in Baxi Island to explore and discover the beauty of the scenery related to it, or choose a relatively open place to set up a tent, camp, barbecue, or enjoy the sunrise and sunset on the island in Baxi Island. Especially for friends who work and live in Changsha and surrounding provinces and cities, if you say, they are tired of the noise and noise of the city. I want to take advantage of the weekend or other free time to go out and play, take pictures of the children, appreciate the autumn, and appreciate and feel the beauty related to Changsha.
Still, I have a special liking for Changsha, which is less suitable for strolling children and appreciating autumn than people in Orange Island, and is free but rarely known by tourists. Baxizhou, located in Changsha, is really a good place to visit. If you are interested in this place, you can collect it first. Don’t start until you have time. Take her (him), or relatives and friends together, and have a good hug and feel the different visual feast and touching brought by Baxizhou in Changsha.