An unknown small park can also play the Wizard of Oz

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The epidemic is tight and slow, so we should continue to walk outdoors for the sake of safety. The environment of the few unknown places recommended here is actually quite good, which is very suitable for setting up tents and strolling children. Before going there, we should also confirm the opening section and epidemic prevention measures by telephone, and do a good job of personal protection. The rest is to bring outdoor equipment and delicious food, and bring the baby close to nature!
Huaixin Park
The free camping park, which few people know about, is said by the friends who have been there to be “a picnic place to hide”. The environment here is good, the place is large, and there is no sense of crowding. The most important thing is that the playability is also very high, and it is very friendly to children.
The park is located near the public welfare west bridge of the South Fourth Ring Road in Beijing, covering an area of 50 football fields. Inside, there are a variety of dense green plants, which decorate the whole park into a small “forest ocean”. You can feel a cool air stream coming in.
Because there are many trees here, the spacing of trees is also appropriate, and the open space is also spacious, so it is especially suitable for camping. If you have nothing to do on the weekend, take your camping equipment, find a place you like in the forest, put up a tent or tie a hammock, that’s a pleasure.
If you want a cup of coffee, there is also a famous “Yaoba” in the park. It is said that it tastes good and the price is not expensive.
Take children out to play. I’m most afraid that children will feel bored. Fortunately, there are many places for children to discharge electricity in the park – four or five seats can be found on the small slide. In addition, there are several fitness trails specially built in the park, which are suitable for walking and exercising. If you think it is too deliberate, it is also a good choice to explore the tree-lined path in the park. In addition to open fire barbecue, it is simply a perfect campsite.
Jinfu Wetland Park
I’m afraid many people have not been to Jinfu Wetland Park, or even heard of it. It is a very small and low-key wetland park. This park is located 1 km away from the southwest corner of the United Kingdom of Jinfu Yinong Tomato in Taihu Town, Tongzhou, close to Hujiafa Village.
Although the park is small in scale, it is commendable in terms of greening and scenery.
There are two lakes in the park that are particularly attractive. One lake is on the east, where a large group of ornamental koi are kept, and the number is countless. These koi are not afraid of people at all. Throw some bread, fish food and so on, and you can immediately see a swarm of fish coming. The scene is spectacular and eye-catching.
The lake in the west is more like a delicate jade. The lake looks quiet. When the breeze blows, the originally calm lake surface will be rippled, beautiful and elegant. A few geese will pass by the lake from time to time. They often walk together. They will not be particularly afraid to see people. They are really worthy of seeing the geese in the world!
The park has a beautiful environment, rich aquatic flowers and plants, and migratory birds vie for habitat. The wooden bridge and plank path in the wetland connects the whole park into a romantic and quiet small world. There is nothing to do in the afternoon. It’s cool and comfortable to stroll around the plank path under the shade of these trees! In addition, there are many small slopes here. Many children learn to ride bicycles under the guidance of their parents. It looks very warm.
In addition, the unique wooden houses, red brick buildings and other scenes in the park are also very popular with photographers. The most important thing is that there is a secluded place, a vast expanse of reed marshes, and a dreamlike scene in the minds of countless people.
In this park, people can often see picnics and camping. Because the scenery is beautiful and quiet, it is especially popular with nearby residents.
Chestnut flower ditch
This place is a famous camping place in Beijing. If other parks have more or less the shadow of the city, then Lihuagou belongs to a very “wild” campsite.
The environment of Lihuagou itself is very good. It has a very high vegetation coverage and a very rich biological species. In order to protect this original ecological land, the state has also built a wetland park here.
Now when you come to Lihuagou Wetland Park, you can not only see a large area of mudflat and marshes, but also see many bird habitats. Walking in the woods breathing fresh air and listening to the sound of birds, it is really a feeling that can not be experienced in the city.
If you want to go camping in Lihuagou, you can directly navigate Liuduhe Bus Station or Lihuagou. There are basically no people here on weekdays, and dogs can also play. Walking along the river, you can find a place to camp. You can have a good time camping or picnics. More importantly, there are more conveniences such as toilets, homestays and small supermarkets in some areas than in the general wilderness, which is very convenient.
In addition, there are many places to play with water near Lihuagou. There is a rippling creek with a total length of 8.1 kilometers. In the clear and bottomless river, the tender green grass sways with the waves. It makes people feel happy to watch it. Those who want to play with water, prepare water guns, small slippers, fishing nets, etc. for the baby in advance, and small happiness will come!
Yangshan Park
If you don’t want to travel far and want to experience the joy of camping, then the small park within the Fifth Ring Road – Yangshan Park must be a very good choice.
Yangshan Park is close to Orson, but there are many fewer people than Orson. The park is rich in vegetation and everywhere is cool. In summer, find a suitable place in the park to lay a mat or take a hammock, and you can spend most of the day at ease. If your mother is too lazy to prepare meals, you can also order a takeout. The nearby takeout can be delivered to the park gate, which is super convenient.
There are many paid children’s games in Yangshan Park. Younger children can go to the children’s park to have a look. All kinds of small trains, climbing frames, slides, and trampolines can definitely make these suffocated children happy for a long time. Older children can play with drift cars for a while, which is safe but very exciting. The children’s park is inexpensive and can be accessed unlimited times in a day. What’s more intimate is that there are seats for adults to rest everywhere in the park, which can save a lot of effort for the old mother who walks the baby, and we must give a big praise!
In addition, there are bunkers in the free area and the paid children’s park in the park. Children can bring their own shovels and buckets, and children who can sit can play in it for a long time. In addition to the sand pit, the lakeside of the park is also a place that children can’t leave behind. It is also very interesting to fish and play with water.