Another ancient town in Chengdu is on fire, known as “Tianfu Watertown”. Netizens: The scenery is good, and it’s worth coming

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Now Chengdu has a very popular scenic spot. Its architectural style and quality are praised by many netizens. They say that the scenery here is very good and it is a scenic spot worth visiting. This is a very popular ancient town landscape in Chengdu – Sandaoyan Ancient Town.
And now the speed of information exchange is very fast, and this ancient town is gradually known to everyone. The architectural style here is different from the high-rise buildings in the city, and the natural scenery here is also different from the busy downtown. The fresh air in the ancient town has slowed the pace of life, and the slow river in the ancient town has taken away irritation and anxiety. Now many people have enough time and energy to do what they like to do and go to the places they want to go. More and more scenic spots are welcomed by tourists from all over the country.
Now it is very popular to travel to the ancient town. However, some ancient towns make people feel a little speechless. Although it looks like an ancient town, it is too commercialized to feel any pleasure of tourism. However, Sandaoyan Ancient Town is a beautiful ancient town with a long history. Tourists who have come here are full of praise, and those who have never come here are also full of expectations. Everyone may have their own cognition and understanding of the ancient town, and the mentality of visiting the ancient town is also different, but many tourists feel that it is worthwhile to visit the ancient town of Sandaoyan.
The style of Sandaoyan Ancient Town is simple. The ancient town is more like an active picture. The color is not bright, but it gives people a fresh and elegant feeling of comfort. At the moment of entering Sandaoyan Ancient Town, you can feel the charm of this ancient town. There are cool rivers and lush green plants in the ancient town, so the environment here is cool. The quality of a scenic spot can not only depend on publicity, but also needs tourists to give the export monument. This ancient town is also known as “Tianfu Watertown”, and the charm of this ancient town can also be found in this name.
There are many old-fashioned buildings in the ancient town of Sandaoyan, and the images of the ancient buildings eroded by time give people a shock and impact. There are also abundant water resources here. The stream is clear and slow, as if the water in the river is slowly appreciating this beautiful ancient town.
Each city has its own characteristic scenery, as well as its own characteristic cuisine. Everyone may have different views on Chengdu’s cuisine, and everyone has their own taste. But the hot pot in Chengdu is a food that many people praise, and it can satisfy many people’s stomach.
Chengdu’s hot pot is very famous. All kinds of ingredients in the hot pot emit endless fragrance, and the steaming hot air has charming fragrance.