Automotive led lights 10 brands led lights 10 brands

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With the continuous growth of car ownership, the demand for modification in the automotive aftermarket is also increasing. Headlights are the most obvious part of the car’s after-sales modification needs. As a member who wants to modify a car, how should you choose a good car LED headlight?

Choose a high-quality car led headlights, will perform well in the following aspects. If you want to choose high-quality led headlights, you can start from the following points.

1. Brightness/lumens of automotive led headlights

Car headlights need to be modified, mainly the original halogen lights are dark like candles, lighting is insufficient, affecting night driving safety. Therefore, the first step for most people to modify is to consider the brightness of the car LED headlights. As you can see, the major brands in the promotion of LED headlights, always emphasize the halogen lamp several times stronger. This is one of the most obvious features of led headlights, which can change the problem of insufficient illumination when the headlights are assembled into halogen lights, making night driving safer and more comfortable.

Comparison between original halogen lamp and nine plus one lamp

2, the color temperature of automotive LED headlights

Color temperature refers to the color of light displayed by a car headlight bulb when it is turned on. For example, halogen lamps are 3000k yellow light, and leds are about 6000k white light. The main reason why people choose low color temperature lights is that the penetration of low color temperature is stronger.

In fact, rain and fog have a more or less impact on all headlights. In the heavy rain, storm and fog, there was not a single light in the car. Even halogen lamps have poor penetration due to rainy weather. If the car is replaced with pure white headlights, in the rain and fog days can be matched with bright fog lights to assist.

Common car LED headlights on the market have a color temperature between 2500k-6500k, including many kinds of products, such as pure yellow fog lights or headlights with a color temperature between 2500k-3000k, yellow and yellow-5500K white headlights with a color temperature between 6000K, and white headlights with a color temperature between 6000K. Blue and white headlights with a color temperature above 6500K. One light and three color-changing lights. The combination of yellow light, yellow white light and white light on the same lamp nine plus one color changing lamp.

Color temperature diagram Color temperature diagram

3, the lamp type of automotive LED headlights

The so-called lamp type of automotive LED headlights, generally refers to the low left and high right light lamp type. Park the car two meters away from the wall. The wall is illuminated by a pattern of light with tangential shapes in the lower left and upper right corners. In general, the light that hits the road in a straight line is often shot out through the lens, because there is a light block inside the lens, which directly blocks the light into a straight line. When purchasing LED headlights, the LED headlights with tangential function can reflect the left low and right high headlights in the lensless assembly. Therefore, in the purchase of headlights, you need to consider the various advantages of headlights.

Nine plus one Blue Parrot GT6 presents a low left and high right light pattern in the lensless headlight assembly. Add a blue parrot GT6 to the lensless headlight assembly to show a low left and high right light pattern.

4. Life and safety of automotive led headlights

When it comes to the life of automotive led headlights, it has a lot to do with the heat conduction and heat dissipation of the car. Common LED lights have active heat dissipation (fan heat dissipation) and passive heat dissipation (dispersive heat dissipation). Automotive led headlights with a complete and efficient cooling system have a service life of about 30,000 hours. However, if the design of headlights is not good, blindly pursuing high power and high brightness while ignoring the importance of heat dissipation, then the life of the headlights designed and produced will not be long. Therefore, when purchasing headlights, you can not simply pursue brightness, otherwise the life of the headlamp will be three or five months to end.

The lack of heat dissipation of the headlights will not only cause the headlights to be off, but also endanger the safety of the car, so it is very important to choose a reliable product.

Automotive led lights 10 brands led lights 10 brands