Baokemeng: Zhuzi New Baokemeng Millilon designer publicly inspired by sushi

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The designer of the popular game “Baokemeng: Zhuzi”, the new Baokemeng Millilon and the designer of Eating Howba, recently made a public appearance. James Turner, a senior industry designer, currently works as a role designer in GAME FREAK.
·Millilon is Baokemeng with dragon attribute and water attribute. It first appeared in the game Baokemeng Zhu Zi. There are three forms of Millilon, namely, the bow position, the droop position and the flat position. All forms of Millilon have white throat pouches.
·Although Eater is a king of stomachs, it is not very good at predation. They will join hands with Millilon to catch prey. Treat Millilon as a leader. Although he is a strongman, his mind doesn’t seem to be very smart.
·James Turner recently tweeted his fans’ art illustrations of Millilon and Eater, and said that he had designed Millilon and Eater. The two kinds of Baokemeng cooperative hunting would have a bonus effect, and the design inspiration was sushi and kitchen table, which caused fans to praise.