Beautiful water! Kapok confirms that Jill stops aging in the film “Biochemical Crisis: Death Island”

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Kapok released the preview of the new CG animated film “Biochemical Crisis: Death Island”, and several major characters appeared. Fans noticed that Chris and Leon were obviously much older, while Jill had hardly changed, so they asked.
According to the official timetable, Jill was infected with T virus in Biochemical Crisis 3, while the story of Biochemical Crisis 3 took place in 1998, when Jill was 23 years old, while the story of Biochemical Crisis: Death Island took place in 2015, Jill was 40 years old, Lyon was 38 years old, and Chris was 42 years old. But Jill still looks beautiful. What’s the matter? Kapok responded to Jill’s age question in “Biochemical Crisis: Death Island”.
The official said that after the Spencer Pavilion event in Biochemical Crisis 5, Gill’s cell division was affected by the side effect of T virus, which led to the inhibition of physical aging, but caused mental sequelae. After long-term treatment and observation, she returned to BSAA.