“Biochemical 4 Times” IGN 10: The Best Biochemical Adventure Ever

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Today (March 17), the foreign media rating for “Biochemical Crisis 4 Reprint” has been lifted, and IGN has given it a full score of 10 points.
IGN score: 10 points (masterpiece)https://forum.stoneitech.com/
Brief review: After being remade and improved, “Biochemical Crisis 4” has fully realized its great potential, and “Biochemical Crisis 4 Reproducing” is the most exciting adventure in the series.
General comment: Whether you’re a fan of the original or a novice gamer who craves high quality action elements and a scary atmosphere, “Biochemical Crisis 4” is like a Spanish obsessed with parasites, just buy without brains. Its battle is smooth, but it does not lack a sense of oppression under its fierce and powerful enemies. Its narrative quickly runs through a series of action scenes with different structures, but what remains constant is its constant sense of tension. Its world is rich in detail, full of fun and exciting surprises. Its numerous improvements to the original work range from simple quality improvements to a thorough reform of the Boss fighter system. Apart from the somewhat disappointing decline in the merchant’s personality, the Capcom team made almost no mistakes. Want to buy it? “The most exciting biochemical crisis adventure in history, the reworked and improved” Biochemical Crisis 4 “has fully realized its great potential. This is a wise choice, man.”.
In addition, MTC has an average score of 94 and includes 70 media outlets, of which 68 are highly rated and 2 are rated. Game Spot 10 points.
GS comments are as follows
The new area makes players feel full and thoughtful, without affecting the greatness of the original
The game rhythm and obstacles have been upgraded, and there are fewer QTEs
L You won’t want to throw the pear in the trash anymore
With the help of the characters, the story background has become more popular, providing greater cohesion for “Biocrisis 2 Reprint”
Combat dynamics, variability, and satisfaction
Leon’s hair
Disadvantages: Some chapters in the late game are not visually obvious