Biocrisis 4: Reproducing will have a paid DLC

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According to Uncle Party Dusk Golem, “Biochemical Crisis 4: Reproducing” will have a paid DLC called “Separate Ways,” which will be launched later this year with richer content.
Subsequently, on Resetra, Golem added that this is a completely thorough DLC, which will be longer and more substantial than the original “Separate Ways”.
“Separate Ways” DLC is a side story of “Biochemical Crisis 4” that was added to other platforms after the release of the GameCube version. Inside, players operate Ida King, using pistols, unique melee attacks, and hook guns for entering different areas of the map. There are new ways to play parts such as battles in the village, allowing players to learn more about her involvement in the story.
Capcom has not officially confirmed the DLC, but Capcom has stated that there will be free content after the release of “Biochemical Crisis 4: Reproducing”: mercenary mode and PSVR2 updates