Blizzard Increases the Equipment Explosion Rate of Diablo 4 Beta to Make Players Hi

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Recently, Twitter user Unknown Fowl asked Diablo Game Director Rod Ferguson if the equipment explosion rate for the beta version of Diablo 4 has been “adjusted very high.”. The reason for asking this question is that many fans have found that the explosion rate of top equipment in the beta version is very high.
Rod Ferguson responded, “Yes, the equipment explosion rate has been adjusted very high to provide a more comprehensive experience and better testing during the beta period,” but this does not represent the explosion rate of the official version.
“This is good news for fans who are worried about” the game throwing equipment at you. “Someone said,” This is good news. When you reach level 25, half of the equipment in the warehouse is legendary, which feels a bit exaggerated… ”
The public beta test of Diablo 4 will begin at 0am on March 25th and end at 3am on March 28th, Beijing time. Players can experience the complete plot and game content of the prologue and chapter 1 of Diablo 4, and can freely explore the first area, “Broken Peak Ridge”, climb over mountains, and kill demons as much as possible. The beta version supports multiplayer mode, with a maximum of four people working together, and the maximum level for each character is 25 levels. The open beta test will open the classes of Barbarian, Rogue, Magician, Druid, and Necromancer. Each Battle. Net account can create up to 10 characters. After the test, all character information will be deleted. However, achieving some goals can receive some rewards, which will eventually be claimed in the official version.
“Diablo 4” will be released on June 6th on PCs, PS4, PS5, XboxOne, and XSX | S.