British Weekly List: Wolong and Galactic Warriors still haven’t shaken the championship position of Harry Potter

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Despite the release of new titles such as “Galaxy Warrior Prime” and “Wolong: Meteor” last week, the Harry Potter adaptation of the game “Hogwarts Legacy” remains the top seller in the entire series. Last week in the UK game market, this was the fourth consecutive week that the game won the UK entity game week sales championship.
According to data released by Gfk, “PS5” and “The Hogwarts Legacy” have the highest sales, accounting for 83% of all games. In terms of other games, the newly released “Wolong: The Fall of Heaven” ranks eighth, and the PS5 version also has the highest sales. Of course, it is also related to joining the XGP game library on the day of this release.
UK Entity Game Sales Ranking:
1. Hogwarts Heritage
2. Galaxy Warrior Prime
3、《FIFA 23》
4. Dusk of the Gods
5. Mario Racing 8 Deluxe Edition
6. Star Kabi Returns to Neverland
7. Call on Mission Modern Warfare 2
8. Wolong: Falling from the Sky
9. My World Switch Edition