Changzhou Wujin: Leisure parks are all over the city and countryside

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“Getting up in the morning and going to the park outside our home for fitness and running is an essential part of our daily life!” On a hot summer day, in Xintiandi Park, Wujin District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, trees lined the park. Mr. Ma, a resident of Hutang who came to exercise in the morning, said happily.
In recent years, urban parks and wetland parks have been built and opened around the buildings that have sprung up in the central urban area of Wujin; By the side of the Taihu Lake Lake, there are many small villages. The natural ecology of urban and rural areas is more pleasant, and the “microclimate” is more fresh. The residents enjoy the pleasant scenery of this international garden city as much as possible.
Push the window to see the green, go out and enter the park
At four or five o’clock every afternoon, a sweet saxophone music will come from the “Pocket Park” on the side of Wuyi Road in Yancheng Fitness Park.
“We used to practice in musical instrument training institutions, but now we have this small park, which is close to home, has a good environment, and has an ‘attached’ audience. I said that we will change to outdoor practice.” In February, the “pocket park” on the side of Wuyi Road was officially put into use. In addition to providing leisure and fitness for citizens, it also provides a good place for musical instrument lovers like Ms. Liu to practice and show their talents.
Originally, the trees here were dense and disorderly, and fences blocked the citizens from getting close to nature. With the integration of the residential and construction departments in the district, the greening resources, land, facilities and equipment in this area have been reasonably planned, and a large space for activities has been expanded. The green plants and colorful fitness trails complement each other, and there are many fitness equipment for citizens’ leisure and entertainment.
In addition to the central urban area, in recent years, many towns in Wujin District have also added some excellent places for sightseeing and fitness.
Accompanied by the clear sound of birds, we walked into the sports park of Huimin Village in the west of Xueyan Town, and the fitness trail, sand slide, pool fishing platform and other facilities came into sight. Dong Suqin, a villager, said that since the improvement of the park landscape and greening, more villagers have come to exercise every day.
At present, 12 parks, large and small, have been built and opened in the central urban area of Wujin alone. There are also parks in various towns, streets and development zones, creating a group of shared exquisite green spaces at the door of people’s homes, and realizing the vision of seeing green through windows, entering the park outside, and seeing shade on the road for more citizens.
Wetland restoration continued to advance
“Guanguan Jujiu is on the river island.” The wetland covers only 6% of the earth’s surface, but provides a living environment for 20% of known species, and has irreplaceable ecological functions. By the end of 2021, the wetland reserve in Wujin District is 24800 hectares, including 19000 hectares of natural wetland, 5800 hectares of artificial wetland, 46.4% of wetland protection rate and 60.4% of natural wetland protection rate.
In December 2015, the construction of Gehu Wetland Park, the first provincial wetland park in Wujin District, began; In January 2016, the Binhu Wetland Park of the High-tech Zone of the municipal wetland park was built. In addition, there are four wetland protection areas in the region, as well as Gehu Lake Reserve Water Source Protection Area, Gehu Lake National Aquatic Germplasm Resources Protection Area and other wetland protection areas.
In recent years, Wujin attaches great importance to wetland protection and restoration. In 2020, Wujin Branch of Changzhou Natural Resources and Planning Bureau explored the construction mode of small and micro wetlands, and built 2446 square meters of small and micro wetland demonstration site in Maochaibang River of Nanhe Community, Nanxiashu Street. In 2021, Wujin Branch also took the lead in carrying out the second phase project of Gehu Lake Retreat Dock and Surround the Lake, and carried out aquatic ecological restoration in the nearshore zone of Taxia area of West the Taihu Lake Lake, covering an area of 1260 mu.
When you enter the Wetland Park, the lake is rippling with green waves and the shore is luxuriant with reeds. Not long ago, a group of “uninvited guests” – wild black swans appeared near Gehu Wetland Park.
Next, Wujin District will further improve the wetland protection system, accelerate the construction of small and micro wetland demonstration sites, continue to promote the restoration and treatment of degraded wetlands, and plan to complete the restoration of 1000 mu of ecological wetlands in 2022.
Greening and afforestation make urban and rural areas greener
A year’s plan is like a tree valley; A ten-year plan is like a tree. In Chengwan Village, Xueyan Town, there is such a “forest protection home”. To build, protect and protect green, Jiang Alin, Jiang Guangjie and Jiang Weiwen have spent more than 40 years walking through the mountains and valleys with the steps of three generations, devoting their time to the mountains and forests of their hometown.
“Since 1976, my father has planted 1008 mu of Chinese fir forest alone, and more than 30000 trees have been dug in the tree planting pond alone.” Speaking of his father Jiang Alin, the 73-year-old Jiang Guangjie was filled with deep feelings in his heart. “When I was young, I also used to walk up the mountain to patrol, and it took me half a day to walk around.”
Today, although Jiang Guangjie’s pace is not as fast as that of the past, he has always maintained the habit of patrolling the mountains every day by relying on high-tech means such as interphone and satellite monitoring.
Over the past 40 years, the barren land has become green mountains. 1000 mu of fir forest and 2000 mu of pine forest are lush, and Jiang Weiwen, his son, also returned to his hometown to take over the mantle of his father. Jiang Guangjie was very pleased that the cause of forest protection was passed down from generation to generation.
The efforts of three generations of the Jiang family are the epitome of the afforestation cause of Wujin. Last year alone, 3377 mu of afforestation was completed in the whole region, and 250000 trees were planted beside villages, roads, water and houses, with a forest coverage rate of 29.98%. At the same time, we will accelerate the implementation of the “forest director system”, constantly improve the long-term mechanism for the protection and development of forest resources in the region, and the background of ecological civilization will become increasingly bright.
A man can’t defeat the Castle Peak, and the Castle Peak will not defeat him. In 2022, Wujin District plans to complete afforestation of 3000 mu, forest tending of 12000 mu, planting of 250000 trees on the “four sides”, and the establishment of six provincial green beautiful villages, striving to achieve the forest coverage rate of 26.55%.