ChatGPT opens the API interface. Is the game industry going to change?

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Today, OpenAI announced the official launch of ChatGPT and Whisper voice-to-text API for commercial users (click the API address at the bottom [Read the original text] to jump). OpenAI currently allows third-party developers to integrate ChatGPT into their APP and services through APIs. The price of ChatGPT API also dropped sharply. Before that, the price of 1000 characters was $2. If converted into Chinese characters, it would be equivalent to about 1000 characters and 10 cents. However, today’s price is directly reduced to 10 times, that is to say, ChatGPT can chat with you about 10000 words for 10 cents.
According to the official information, ChatGPT’s official API is based on the GPT-3.5-turbo model, which is the fastest, cheapest and most flexible model in the GPT-3.5 series. This also indicates that the era of AIGC is coming.
Not long ago, in NetEase’s fourth quarter earnings conference call, NetEase CEO Ding Lei disclosed that the first domestic game version of ChatGPT will be launched in the mobile game “Cold Against the Current”, which is expected to be launched in the first half of this year.
According to official data, the GPT against cold water adopts many AI technologies from Netease Fuxi AI Lab and Netease Thunderfire Business Group. It is understood that in October 2021, in the “top soldier” and “leading wild goose” high-tech research and development plan released by the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the “super large-scale pre-training model cloud platform” project led by Hu Zhipeng, senior vice president of NetEase Group and president of NetEase Thunderfire Business Group, has been selected, which is the technical basis for the introduction of the “first game GPT” in China.
As for what ChatGPT can do for the mobile game “Cold against the Water”, the official also gave a video introduction. Interested friends can find it online. To tell the truth, the way of AI access in the game makes the game more fun and has unlimited possibilities.
However, from the perspective of game types, word games may be more compatible with the features of ChatGPT. The text game of domestic platforms such as Orange Light and Yi Dimen, or the earlier Japanese AVG game, such human-computer interactive electronic novel game, although its human setting, story direction and ending have been set in advance, but due to the complex and rich process branches, casual choice may also affect the direction, and will bring a high degree of freedom and sense of substitution to players.
However, from the perspective of current people’s imagination of ChatGPT, this is a function suitable for adding to any game, and the emergence of ChatGPT will also make a large number of developers consider integrating this function into the game in a short time. Therefore, will the game with “ChatGPT” become a big selling point in the future, or the standard configuration? If so, the game industry will really change.