Classic anime “Seeking Encounter in the Underground City” New RPG Mobile Game Open

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Today, March 20, the developer NEOWIZ announced that it will develop the new RPG mobile game of the classic animation Seeking Encounter in the Underground City, which will be launched and operated worldwide (except Chinese Mainland). Please wait.
·The new RPG mobile game “Seeking Encounters in the Underground City” will be developed and operated by NEOWIZ. The launch date has not been determined. The official said, “Seeking Encounters in the Underground City”
With the support of a large fan base in the global market, we will do our best to bring players a better experience by fully utilizing this IP to develop games.
·”Looking for Encounters in the Underground City Is There Something Wrong?” is a classic light novel in the “Long Name” series created by the author Fujino Ohmori in the GA Library. The setting of the background stage is like most online novels, which is a dungeon. Inspired by mythological systems such as Nordic mythology and Indian mythology, the setting of dependents is created. At the same time, referring to the general settings of RPG games to gain experience points, equipment, etc., making the work easy for readers to resonate and understand.
·”Is there anything wrong with the fourth season of TV animation,” Seeking Encounters in the Underground City? IV, “the deep chapter of the disaster chapter just opened on January 16, 2023.