Classic love game “China AWASE” will be released in Switch this year. Reservation

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The classic PC love game “Hua AWASE Shuo” will be launched on the Switch platform and is scheduled to be released within 2023. A total of 4 volumes of content will be released in succession, please look forward to it.
·”Hua AWASE Shuo” has a huge and complex world view, while also embodying Japanese classical elements. The painting style of this composition is exquisite, mixed with decryption factors, and the four scripts form separate chapters and are connected to each other. It is a highly acclaimed masterpiece of the second female love game in the card category at that time.
·”The switch version of” Hua AWASE Shuo “has been confirmed to participate in the sound performance, including Takato Terima/Fukuyama Run/Hino Ito/Ishikawa Shinosuke/Jiji Sugiyama/Mijima Daju, etc. Please look forward to it.”