Creative Director of “Death Island 2”: No plans to reproduce the original “Death Island”

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In a recent interview with the foreign media The Loadout, James Worrall, the creative director of “Death Island 2”, was asked if the original “Death Island” game would return in some form. When asked, he said that choosing to remake the original “Death Island” might be a mistake for the series, and they were more willing to continue promoting the new game than this one.
James Worrall said in an interview, “No, I think it could be a mistake because we have decided to continue operating Death Island 2, and I think it’s a creative and correct decision. It’s best to leave (the original game) where it was – it has already done what it should have done.”
The original version of “Death Island” was originally launched on the Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2011. After years of waiting, its orthodox sequel, “Death Island 2,” is finally due for release on April 21 this year.