“CS: GO” may be transplanted to the new driver of Nvidia, the original 2 engine

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For many years, the rumor that “CS: GO” is about to turn to Genesis 2 engine has been spread by FPS fans, and recently this rumor seems to have some new news.
According to Insider-gaming, after the latest driver update of Nvidia GPU, a player found a reference in the “game configuration file”, which mentioned “CSGOS2” and “CS2”. These signs indicate that the game may be ported to the Genesis 2 engine.
The literal meaning of “CSGOS2” is “CSGO Source 2”, but the subsequent appearance of “CS2” makes things seem a bit chaotic, which leads some fans to believe that the sequel of “Counter-Terrorism Elite: Global Offensive” is coming soon.
Let’s wait and see if this game, which has a history of more than 10 years, will be significantly upgraded in the future.