Cyberpunk motorcycle action game “Quick Claw” was released at the end of March

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The highly acclaimed “Gripper”, which was launched during the Steam New Product Festival to try DEMO, will be released on March 29.
“Quick Claw” is a story-driven action game, driving a cool motorcycle to fight BOSS. Use the grapple to tear your enemy into pieces, dig out their metal heart and gain ability. Save your family and uncover the secret of the collapse of the world.
Introduction to Quick Claw
A network rider named None trapped in a collapsed world needs to pass through the post-apocalyptic place connected by dangerous tunnels. Explore the place of death with the help of fellow mechanical cats. Defeat the ruthless BOSS and dig out their dirty and evil heart.
Beat BOSS with a cool motorcycle
Master the unique motorcycle movement and combat mechanism of “Quick Moclaw”, including riding, sliding and avoiding. Fight with ferocious monster trucks, giant arachnids, mechanized Titans and broken screen snakes. Smash, seize their weapons and defeat them. From energy boosters to generatable drones, mines and small tools, create your dream Cyber motorcycle.
Grab and tear
Use the motorcycle’s grapple to control the battlefield, control the environment, grasp and throw explosives, and even tear the enemy. On one million ways to kill the enemy.
Action game driven by movie story
A mysterious and lost story. Go through the dystopian network environment and find the lost answer. Help None make important choices. Every answer found will put one of your relatives in danger, so go to save your family.
Progressive and customized
slaughter. Upgrade. go round and begin again. Every tough encounter will reward you with a new special ability, deadly weapon, and sometimes rare skin. Customize your claw experience, customize and enjoy the game as you like. If you want to scratch your heart and liver, you must make your claws in excellent condition!
“Quick Claw” will be released on March 29, landing at Steam, Epic, GOG and Switch.