Cyberpunk style meat pigeon action game “ArcRunner” launched in April

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Game publisher PQube and developer Trickjump Games announced that the action game ArcRunner, which includes the meat pigeon element, will be launched on PC, Xbox, and PS platforms on April 27.
In this Cyberpunk style light Roguelike action game set in the Far Future, you will reset a disorganized AI while crossing the Arc Space Station! Every time we start with a strengthened clone, we need to save the Arclight from the danger of destruction!
About this work, a unpredictable virus infected the artificial intelligence KORE of the Titan class space station Arclight, initializing the ArcRunner protocol. You have been recalled and requested to go through the space station, defeat the guardians of various regions, find KORE, and reset it. What’s the danger? All the machines on the Arclight will confront you, pursue you, and hinder you from achieving your mission.
What role would you play?
As the greatest tactical performer, choose your own neurorobot body from three body templates. Choose from among soldiers, ninjas, or hackers based on your own gaming style to become a comprehensive combat powerhouse, fast and deadly warrior, or expert in stealth and destruction – the choice is in your hands! Each character is equipped with unique weapons or abilities that reflect their own characteristics, from energy sledgehammers and sabres to shock burst attacks.
Collect weapons
Watch out for new weapons as you move around on Arclight! The enemy or leader may fall, may be found in the supply box, or can be obtained as a challenge reward. Don’t underestimate weapons with slightly lower strength, as they may give you a tactical advantage! If you are eager to upgrade the damage of a weapon, you can use permanent nano robots to upgrade and enhance, thereby equipping multiple weapons or additional weapon modules!
Complete the itinerary
Select the nano robots obtained from the previous trip and spend them on the powerful evolution update in the freezer, bringing the next trip closer to victory. Choose from a variety of improvements to increase damage and health, add weapon module slots, and ultimately defeat AI.
Equip your character with powerful reinforcements using an automated doctor. You will have a choice of four reinforcements – they can affect weapon damage and effects, as well as increase mobility and additional firearms! Each type of reinforcement can be upgraded 5 times, and each type of body has its own reinforcement! Soon you will be unstoppable.
Subtle Cyberpunk 3D images
To reach KORE and defeat AI, you must first traverse the Arc Light! From the dystopian Cyberpunk city of the unfortunate to the elegant area of the wealthy, Eden Heights, we fight all the way through four main areas of the game, each containing about seven randomly generated levels. The pattern of each level is completely random, including not only blocks in different game modes, but also “Challenge Chest” blocks!
Traveling with a friend Two will do!
Why go alone against KORE when you can go with your friends? Up to three players can play “ArcRunner” online together to defeat the evil AI!