Dawn Kill will be adapted into a live action movie, produced by James Wan

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On March 2, it was reported that Atomic Monster (the production company of James Wan’s director Hai Wang) and Blumhouse (the production company of Megan) jointly announced that they were cooperating with the game developer Behavior Interactive to adapt “Dawn Kill” into a live action movie.
Dawn Kill is a famous 4V1 asymmetric horror game with many players. In addition to the fierce game of confrontation, it often cooperates with some terrorist IP (such as biochemical crisis, strange stories, etc.) to launch new roles. Last year, Behavior Interactive also released a love simulation game called “Dawn Kill”.
Blumhouse has just established a game studio, which mainly produces independent horror games with a budget of no more than $10 million, while Behavior initially developed “Dawn Killer” at a cost of less than $2 million.
The two companies are actively looking for directors and writers. Although James Wan probably won’t participate in the shooting of the new film, he said he was very excited after the news came out.
The horror atmosphere of “Dawn Killer” is in place, which is suitable for the adaptation of horror films. The main difficulty is in the script, because the original work has no plot. If it’s just a killer get-together, the movie’s viewability will be greatly reduced. There are not many successful cases of video game adaptation. The latest hit “The Last Survivor” is also the original plot NB. I don’t know how the film “Dawn Killer” will perform in the future.