Death threats Nintendo executives, the first lady’s tone caused controversy! Suspected to be anime Sony Pink

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The suspect who sent death threats to Nintendo executives has been arrested! On the 25th, the Kyoto Police Search Division 1 announced that a suspect was arrested on suspicion of forcibly obstructing Nintendo’s business. The suspect sent a threatening letter to all members of the board of directors of Nintendo, including “father of Mario” Miyamoto. According to the information released by the Japanese police, the threatening letter included death threats, death notice, diagnosis of death, etc. This is not the first time she intimidated Nintendo. Last year, she was also arrested for sending a threatening letter to Nintendo. The original sentence of the letter said: “Kill, kill, kill, kill!”
However, compared with the news itself, the identity of the suspect has aroused heated discussion among players! According to the introduction, the suspect is a 36-year-old Kumiko Shirakawa. She is only a contract member (contract worker) who works for an electric power company in Miyagi City, Tokyo. She has no previous grievances and disputes with Nintendo. When the wording and tone of the threatening letter were too unique, which was exactly “folded” a lot of “silk stockings”, netizens gave her a very interesting title, called “the first lady is a threatening criminal”.
However, some sharp eyed netizens found that this “big lady” was the famous “anime” (Goddess’s strange news recording kitchen) “on Japan’s high concentration and high intensity anime 5ch forum.
In the review of the forum netizens, her famous deeds include but are not limited to praising the strange stories of the goddess who logged into the PS platform, and even praising the P series as the wedding ring that ATLUS gave to Sony, along with crazy denigration only logged into NS’s “True Goddess Rebirth 5”. Last year, the Royal Version of Goddess’s Odes 5 was launched in NS, and the third and fourth generation of the series also launched the NS version on January 19 this year. ペ ル キ チ also committed suicide, and finally was sent to the hospital by his family.
Well, it seems that this is an outrageous act made by faithful Suo Fen, jealous of the Nintendo switch fire.
In fact, such death threats often occur in Japan, and they were generally treated as ordinary events before. However, after the Jingani incident, death threats have been listed as key events to focus on.