Destiny 2 raided the “root of fear” and more than 100000 players passed the customs on the first day

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The latest surprise activity of Destiny 2, “Roots of Fear”, has been the focus of the community since its launch. More than 100000 players have passed the customs within 24 hours of the launch, and they have been teamed up to pass the customs only 2 hours and 24 minutes after the release.
Many players believe that this raid is one of the simplest raids in history, and it seems to have become a fact in combination with the current large number of customs clearance. According to the report, so far about 16900 teams have passed the customs, equivalent to about 101400 individual players. Of course, it is likely that many teams have passed the customs more than once, so it is difficult to determine how many players have defeated the final BOSS.
For a long time, the surprise activities in Destiny 2 have been the favorite part of most players, which is largely due to the final-level challenges, and of course, rich rewards. The launch of new surprise activities is always accompanied by the excitement of players. Countless teams are scrambling to overcome difficulties and challenges to win the world’s first ranking.
Destiny 2: Autumn of Light and Meteor brought new content such as binding silk, new destination and surprise attack, but also received many negative comments. However, in her latest blog article, Bungie promised to usher in a bumper year, implying many exciting new story content, and fans also began to wait for the final form DLC, which is currently scheduled to be released early next year.