Develop red tourism products to better inherit Yimeng spirit

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Yimeng Mountain Area is a famous old revolutionary base, with rich red culture accumulation, long revolutionary history and glorious revolutionary tradition, and rich red tourism resources. During the revolutionary war, the CPC and the Yimeng people jointly forged the Yimeng spirit.
Red tourism is a kind of spiritual and cultural product based on red resources. It successfully excavates the intrinsic spiritual value of red culture, which is conducive to the development and inheritance of red culture. There are many ways to inherit the red culture, such as film and television works, mass media, academic special research, etc., but as a social education method, red tourism gives full play to the subjectivity of the educated, allows the educated to personally touch the red resources, and enhances the shock and affinity of the red culture. The red tourism planning also deeply affects the inheritance effect of the red culture. Only by improving the infrastructure of the red tourism scenic spots, enriching the red tourism projects, and innovating the design of the red tourism products, can more tourists be attracted to experience the red tourism and inherit the red spirit.
As the core of Yimeng red culture, Yimeng spirit is the part that can best reflect the essential characteristics of Yimeng red culture. The development of Linyi red tourism and the promotion of Yimeng spirit are mutually reinforcing.
There are 13 red tourism scenic spots above Grade A in Linyi, and 5 scenic spots have been listed as one hundred classic red tourism scenic spots in the country. The red tourism resources are of high grade and densely distributed. However, it is a pity that some scenic spots are located in remote areas, and the economic foundation is not good enough. The fragrance of wine is also afraid of the depth of the alley. We should break the closed pattern of the old area, spread the Yimeng spirit “red” to the whole country, and develop red tourism as a good form of display.
Yimeng red tourism itself has both practical and educational characteristics. It is through tourism that the spirit of Yimeng is permeated in all links. Whether it is eating, living, traveling or watching, tourists can feel the spirit of Yimeng promoted by the red scenic spot. Yimeng spirit takes red tourism as its carrier, and its popularity is intuitive and “new”.
With the development of the times, the backbone of inheriting Yimeng spirit is expanding. If we do not strengthen the propaganda and education of the majority of young people, it is easy to cause the rupture of the red memory. Red tourism has the characteristics of popularity, can broaden the mass base, and is fully qualified to attract the participation of all groups, especially the majority of young people.
Innovation is the key word for the development of red tourism. Immersive experience, “red+film+countryside”, international red tourism dialogue and exchange and other new models have become important means of innovative inheritance of Yimeng spirit.
Immersive experience has always been the focus of red tourism because of its shock and sense of scene. In Yimeng Red Film and Television Base, tourists can participate in the shooting of war films and feel the war scenes of the year; Participate in the Red Song Contest and watch the large-scale live water performance in Mengshan and Yishui; See exhibits and listen to explanations at the former sites such as the establishment memorial of the Shandong Provincial Government; Participated in editing, typesetting, printing newspapers, etc. at the starting place of Dazhong Daily. These all-around immersive experiences are all innovative explorations worthy of reference in inheriting Yimeng spirit.
The Way of Red Tourism Inheriting Yimeng Spirit
At present, Yimeng Red Tourism is in the golden opportunity period of development, and has achieved a large number of achievements, with the overall framework basically formed. However, there are still some deficiencies in the actual operation, such as the low degree of development of red tourism products, the red tourism service system to be improved, and the low innovation of marketing promotion model. There are several countermeasures for these problems.
(1) Guided by Yimeng spirit and led by red tourism, comprehensive development
First of all, Yimeng is rich in red tourism resources, but scattered in three districts and nine counties. The area is often remote and the traffic is difficult, resulting in low development and utilization rate. This requires the government to carry out unified planning and layout. On the one hand, it should break the boundaries of administrative regions and strengthen regional cooperation on the one hand; On the other hand, in terms of resource integration, according to the principle of connecting the spiritual roots of Yimeng, the red tourist attractions in different districts and counties are connected in series to complement each other’s advantages and form a comprehensive management from point to area, so as to build the Greater Yimeng Red Tourist Area. Secondly, red tourism should be combined with ecological tourism, historical and cultural tourism and folk tourism to maximize the industrial cluster effect.
(2) Develop the travel boutique of Yimeng red research and systematically carry out the Yimeng red research activities
At present, there have been many effective attempts and explorations in the red research of Yimeng spirit. Yimeng Spiritual Education Training Center took the lead in launching the preparation of research education curriculum and carrying out systematic red research activities for primary and secondary students, such as Yimeng Spiritual Red Research Curriculum.
First of all, we can promote the practice of Linyi Municipal Government’s red research and learning, continue to develop the red research and learning travel boutique projects, and do a good job in the implementation of red summer camp, winter camp and other activities. Secondly, according to the different needs of the educated, different tourism routes and educational resources are designed, such as patriotism education and glorious tradition education for young people, party spirit cultivation education for Party members and comrades, and Yimeng Red spirit education for the masses. Finally, in the setting of training courses, the situational and experiential teaching mode of “red education+life experience” is adopted, and the combination of knowledge and practice, book knowledge and life experience is achieved, so as to truly realize the organic combination of red tourism, patriotism and revolutionary traditional education.
(3) Carry out colorful Yimeng spirit theme activities in combination with important festival nodes
Holding large-scale activities or festivals with Yimeng spirit as the theme is an innovative way to popularize and inherit Yimeng spirit. It is suggested to hold Yimeng Spirit Symposium, carry out Yimeng Spirit Knowledge Q&A, carry out Yimeng Red Story Lecture, Red Poetry Recitation, Yimeng Red Story Prize Solicitation and other colorful activities in combination with the important festival nodes such as Qingming Festival, May Day, July Day, August Day and the National Day, to display the rich cultural connotation of Yimeng Spirit.
(4) Create and apply the Yimeng spirit VI system to create a bright red logo of Yimeng spirit
VI (visual identity) is translated as “visual identity”. According to scientific calculations, 83% of the external information that people perceive reaches people’s minds through visual channels, which is the main channel for people to accept external information. VI system continuously strengthens the awareness of the audience through visual symbols to gain recognition. In the red tourism, we should focus on building the VI system of Yimeng spirit, that is, Yimeng spirit is presented in the form of visual symbols for the most direct transmission.
The VI system for building Yimeng spirit in red tourism can be divided into two parts: foundation and application. The basic part includes the design of Yimeng spirit brand logo (LOGO), standard font, standard graphics, standard color and unified advertising language, etc; The application part includes the environmental design of the red tourist attractions, exhibition and visit signs, road signs, instruction signs and scene sculptures, means of transportation, guide clothing, public relations supplies, and promotional materials, and the establishment of Yimeng red tourist goods shopping stores and counters to comprehensively display Yimeng red tourist souvenirs. From entering the red tourism scenic spot to leaving after playing, tourists can feel the connotation of Yimeng spirit throughout the whole journey as if they are in a red cultural scroll.
(5) Using modern information means to build Yimeng Red Tourism Database
To inherit the Yimeng spirit innovatively with red tourism, it is necessary to fully absorb and apply the research results of big data and build the “Yimeng Red Tourism Database”, which can not only give better play to the advantages of Yimeng red tourism resources, innovate the transmission form of Yimeng spirit, but also use modern information means to effectively control the source of information, publicize mainstream values, and provide decision-making reference for further development of red tourism.
First of all, the “Yimeng Red Tourism Big Database” will be established to digitize, select and review the text, pictures, audio and video, physical objects and other materials of scattered relevant research results, and form a data source recognized by the authority. Secondly, local governments and scenic spots respectively build the “end” interface of red tourism data operation and maintenance center and red tourism destination cities. Through sharing the big data provided by the cloud platform, build its own characteristic red tourism application, and provide various information integration services, information thematic services, etc. to red tourism scenic spots, tourism enterprises and tourists. Finally, according to the market segmentation and crowd segmentation, adjust the strategy of publicity and promotion, and integrate and classify the historical materials and theories, biographies, anecdotes, party history knowledge, military knowledge, etc. related to the scenic spot for tourists of different groups to choose.