Dota2 updates the leak origin 2 engine CS: GO for more details

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“Dota2” recently launched a 7.32e update to “The Dead Sea”, introducing new hero Qiong Ying Bi Ling and other content. Now, according to Gabe Follower, the author of the Origins Engine Mod, this update to “Dota2” also reveals some new information about the Origins Engine “CS: GO”. Previously, the rumor that “CS: GO” will transplant the Genesis 2 engine has been circulating for some time.
Gabe Follower stated that he found many references to CS: GO in the update code of Dota2, as well as content that might jump to the new engine. This data includes box keys, paint, maps, player models, and even new operations. As the current “Dota2” was developed using the Genesis 2 engine, the disclosure has a certain degree of credibility.
Although this new disclosure does not specifically prove that “CS: GO” using the Genesis 2 engine is about to be released, it at least shows evidence of its existence. In addition, according to previous rumors, the CS: GO originating from Engine 2 may be released sometime in late March 2023.