“Elden Fahuan” was updated and launched, and finally added the light tracking function

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The latest update to “Elden Fahuan” has finally added the long awaited ray tracing feature to support PCs, PS5, and Xbox Series X | S.
Publisher Wandai said, “Please note that game performance, such as frame rate and resolution, may be affected when Light Tracing is turned on.”
“Light Tracing is part of the 1.09 version update to” Elden Fahuan “, which also syncs the Xbox One and PS4 online.”. In addition to adding Light Tracing, this update also includes a series of balance adjustments and bug fixes.
Last month, just a few days before the first anniversary of the release of “Elden Fahuan”, Wandai announced that the sales of “Elden Fahuan” exceeded 20 million units.https://store.stoneitech.com/
The first expansion film, “Shadow of the Golden Tree,” was officially released last month, but the release date and specific details have not yet been released.