EPL S17: Breaking through numerous obstacles, ENCE 2-1 Vitality

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In the last eight of the EPL S17 knockout rounds, Vitality, who has been waiting for a long time, welcomed the ENCE that just won a big victory over G2. After receiving each other’s selected map, the two sides begin the final showdown on the Vertigo in Figure 3. In the end, ENCE fell behind in the first half of Figure 3 and turned the table and advanced to the quarterfinals.
Map BP:
Vitality 1-2 ENCE(Nuke 16-14;Overpass 11-16;Vertigo 14-16)
Figure 1 shows the Nuke chosen by ENCE as the attacking side. They attack the infield with a wave of explosive bullets, and Huang Fang follows the flash bullets to kill the CT pack point, winning the pistol game. ENCE starts 3-0. In the first long shot game between the two sides, ENCE harassed both sides and attacked the infield again. This time, Vitality, who had all his guns and bullets, held the A-point and scored the first point. Subsequently, Vitality scored multiple times in a row, resulting in multiple silences in the ENCE attack. At the end of the first half, Vitality temporarily took a 10-5 lead.
Yi Bian fought again, and the two sides exchanged roles. Vitality took the lead in scoring the first three points in the second half, while ENCE scored five points in a row to return. In the 24th inning, Vitality sealed a cigarette in the outfield while touching the outfield. Dycha placed his opponent on the third floor to sell his teammates, and Vitality scored 14th. But then ENCE gradually found a sense of defense and has been struggling to chase points. Vitality’s 14 point fatal choke also gave ENCE a final chance. Unfortunately, in the crucial 30th inning, Vitality chose to attack the iron plate in the second time after winning the first shot, but ENCE failed to hold the last wave. In the end, Vitality narrowly defeated ENCE by 16-14.
Figure 2 shows Vitality’s selection of Overpass. The small bee, who was the first to attack, chose a wave of rush B, just hit the top of the construction site in both areas of ENCE, and was caught off guard. ENCE won the pistol game. In the third inning, magisk took the lead in coming out of the sewer and killing the CT on the construction site. Vitality attacked Zone B in the second time. SunPayus and Maden, who had packed points, defended well, helping ENCE win the first long shot inning, and then scored three consecutive points. In the seventh inning, after the two sides exchanged numbers, Vitality attacked Zone B, with ZywOo and Spinx receiving key defensive heads to help Vitality win the first point. However, after that, ENCE’s defense became more solid. With the help of God in SunPayus’s A zone and Maden’s B zone, Vitality could not get the first shot and could not open the situation. At the end of the first half, ENCE took a 13-2 lead.
In the second half of the attack and defense transition, ENCE attacked Zone B in the second time. Dycha took the lead in breaking the point and getting the first shot, and ENCE took the pistol inning. Vitality, who lost the pistol game, faced off in a back-to-back battle. In the next game, he strengthened the armored sand eagle to complete the turnover with various guns. Subsequently, Vitality, who had a long gun, also started his own defensive scoring mode. Multiple defensive points by magisk and Spinx helped Vitality chase 8 points in a row. In the 25th inning, when ENCE dropped two players in the default stage, it attacked Zone A in the second time. The Vitality Zone A duo failed to defend, and ENCE won the match point. In the 27th inning, ZywOo failed to withstand ENCE’s attack in Area A, and ENCE took advantage of the situation to lay down his thunder bag and narrowly beat Figure 2 11-16.
When we arrived at Vertigo in Figure 3, Vitality played the offensive role first, and the tactics of blocking the B zone in the middle were effective, winning the pistol and ECO games first. In the third inning, the ENCE of the steel gun continued to resist Vitality’s strategy of encountering Zone B in the middle of the road again, winning the first point. In the ninth inning, NertZ placed a long line to catch a big fish on the B slope, completing a 1v4 stunning rematch and helping ENCE score a sixth point. However, after that, Vitality seemed to get through the Ren and Du meridians, and suddenly the attack became smooth. Whether it was a blast in Zone B or Zone A, it could have a good effect, and Little Bee gradually recovered the score. At the end of the first half, Vitality led ENCE 9-6.
In the second half of the game, ENCE attacked Zone A in a wave, and Vitality returned to defense in a timely manner. Ten men were in a melee at Point A. SunPayus laughed to the end, helping ENCE win the pistol game. In the next game, Vitality made a strong front header and made a significant contribution to the double play of APEX, which successfully overturned the game. However, it was not long before it was given the same color by ENCE, which also made a strong overturn. After that, ENCE started chasing points and repeatedly scored the first kill on A-slope, overtaking the score. In the end, the two sides who fought back and forth were still better off by ENCE, who won the third chart 16 – 14 and advanced to the top four.https://www.slw-ele.com/