EPL S17: Turn the table against the wind! Cloud9 2-1 MOUZ

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On March 23rd, EPL S17 ushered in the third round of the knockout round, with Cloud9 playing MOUZ. Finally, after losing one figure first, C9 made up for two and defeated the opponent 2-1 in a breathtaking manner to advance to the next round of the knockout round.
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Cloud9 2-1 MOUZ(Inferno 10-16;Vertigo 16-11;Mirage 16-10)
Figure 1: Inferno
In the first pistol inning of the first half, MOUZ quickly hit A and after entering the pack point, he was hit three times by the Ax1Le double shot in a row in the big pit, which delayed the defense time and helped the team win the first point. But immediately, the pure E attacker, 5 men, gathered to attack B, and successfully completed the pistol turnover after JDC and xertioN won the double and five kills. In the fifth round, Buster won the key combo at Pack A to help the team hold the score. Immediately Ax1Le scored 3 kills at the A pack point to help the team equalize the score. After that, Hobbit and Nafany took the score to 6-3. In the crucial 10th round, Frozen won the one-man 1v3 rematch and tightened the score. Since then, the two sides have a winning and losing relationship with each other. In the 15th round, the offensive side quickly hit A and was successfully limited by CT’s multi player defense, leading C9 9-6 in the first half.
When we arrived at the first pistol game in the second half, the attackers quietly touched the sidewalks, and JDC and Torzsi continued to use their pack point gun positions to frame their guns to win double kills to help the team win the first point. In the first long shot game, sh1ro scored three kills and completed the 1v2 rematch to help the team bring the score to 10-9. However, immediately, the offensive side’s offensive information was detected, and after exchanging heads, a 1v3 remnant of Ax1Le was formed. After defeating two men, Torzsi took Ax1Le’s head and equalized the score to 10-10. After that, JDC stood up and took the 1v2 scrap to bring the score to 12-10. In the 24th round, Frozen took back defense and made 3 kills, expanding the score advantage to 14-10 again. Since then, Frozen has continuously scored consecutive kills, while MOUZ has continuously scored points. After Torzsi has won the final kill, MOUZ has taken Figure 1 with a score of 16-10.
Figure 2: Vertigo
When we arrived at the first pistol game in the first half, Frozen and xertioN scored a double kill to help the team win the first point, but immediately the attacking team teamed up with pistols to fight B. Although Torzsi had finished killing people, there was no time to remove the mine bag, and the attacking team successfully turned the table. After that, both sides had a win or a loss for each other, but immediately, multiple CT players performed well, with Torzsi and xertioN constantly winning consecutive wins. After sh1ro failed to win the 1v1 rematch with Torzsi, MOUZ took the lead 7-3. Finally, in the early stage, I acquiesced in finding the opportunity for point A, and the attackers who gathered to play B successfully scored points after winning double wins in sh1ro and Ax1Le, respectively. In the second half of the first half, the attacking team found the rhythm of the attack. In the final round, with three players defaulted in the early stage, they pushed together to win the final point, and in the first half, C9 temporarily fell behind 7-8.
In the second half, the attackers huddled together to play A, but were defused by sh1ro with a brilliant solo triple kill. In the first long shot game, Ax1Le scored a double kill to help the team successfully withstand the attack and win points. But immediately, Torzsi scored a brilliant double win to help the team hold on to the score. Since then, the two sides have had a winning and losing battle with each other, with the outstanding performance of the Sh1ro sniper on the one hand, and the attacking side constantly attacking in groups on the other. But immediately, CT slowed down the pace and brought the score to 15-11 after Ax1Le won the three kills. In the final round, Hobbit and Ax1Le respectively won a series of kills and successfully scored the last point. C9 won the second figure with 16-11.
Figure 3: Mirage
In the first inning of the first half, the attackers gathered to quickly hit B and bury the thunderbolt. Nafany and Buster each scored a double kill to help the team win the first point. Arriving at the first long shot inning, C9 blasters hit A, using a smooth, layered attack to advance and take a 0 for 4 to capture the pack points and score points. In the first half of the first half, C9 took a 6-0 opening lead after Hobbit and sh1ro continued to break through and win the first shot. Finally, after the torzsi big sniper double kill, MOUZ successfully took the first point. However, the C9, with full firepower, continued to rely on his personal ability to win the first shot, and CT, who could not score points, began to make mistakes in shooting. After Hobbit and Ax1Le combined to win the three shots, the lead was brought to 10-1. After that, after relying on Torzsi’s big sniper to make the first shot, MOUZ struggled to score, leading the opponent 11-4 in the first half by C9.https://forum.stoneitech.com/
In the second half, the attacking side quickly hit B and successfully won the bag point, while Frozen scored three points and successfully scored the first point after completing the 1v1 rematch. In the first long shot game, Dexter and JDC each won a double kill to help the team close the gap to 9-11. But at the crucial moment, Buster stood up and completed the 1v2 scrap to help the team expand its lead again. After sh1ro and Ax1Le successively played, C9 expanded the score advantage to 15-10 again. After Ax1Le won the three kills, C9 successfully scored the last point, taking the following three points with 16-10, successfully winning the game.