Extreme Speed: Horizon 5 Rally Adventure opens at the end of March!

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Are you ready to experience the ultimate experience of Horizon Rally?
In today’s live broadcast of “Extreme Speed: Horizon 5” Let’s go, friends of Playground Games introduced the second expansion package of “Horizon 5”: “Extreme Speed: Horizon 5” Rally Adventure. The new expansion package will be launched on Xbox game console, Windows PC, Steam platform and cloud game (beta) at the end of March.
Pack up our bags, and we are going to a new place: Sierra Nueva, with rugged roads and diverse ecology. Dust is flying and mud is splashing. We will hold the unprecedented Horizon Carnival field event here.
Dust is flying!
Welcome to Horizon Rally! What should I do first? Of course, it’s team selection. There may be people you know here. Alex is leading the Horizon Raptors to break the limits of mud and cross-country races. Ramiro led Grit Reapers to challenge the unpredictable nature in the street night rally. Alejandra is guiding Apex Predators to master the asphalt rally with high technical difficulty and speed.
After filling in the information, you will participate in eight competitions with your selected team (the open stunt competition was interspersed on the way), and then you will participate in a grand ambassador competition as a leader. Taking the lead in all three teams can unlock a special Goliath route.
The number of events of Horizon 5 Rally Adventure is more than that of the previous expansion packages, covering mud race, asphalt race, and more difficult night events. The night race includes the point-to-point time rally stage and multi-car racing. In these events, you will hear the pilot on the copilot seat give a prompt according to the action of the Horizon Rally helicopter. This helicopter is equipped with dynamic night spotlights to improve your visibility in the night rally.
During Horizon Rally, you will see some new HUD elements, including a mini leaderboard that shows your ranking relative to other drivers; A notification pop-up window will pop up at each timing door to display the change of your ranking; And a new icon representing the road book issued by the copilot. You can choose to turn these HUD elements on or off. In addition, you can disable the “driving aid line” in Horizon Rally separately, so as to gain a more realistic and challenging rally experience!
Explore Sierra Nueva
You will experience the most extreme off-road adventure in the “Extreme Speed: Horizon” series.
Sierra Nueva contains some of the most exciting driving sections in the series. There are unpredictable steep turns, dangerous blind peaks, exciting asphalt jumps, and destructive sand and dust roads mixed with tire marks. The team raised rolling dust, and the drivers listened to the hard-core rock rally soundtrack broadcast by Epitaph radio while driving to feel the heat of the race.
You must be curious about “What new places can you find in this expansion?” Sierra Nueva will provide a variety of ecological landforms for exploration, including Pueblo Artza Town, a huge “abandoned quarry” suitable for Kinkana, spectacular and shape-changing sand dunes, compact and curved desert canyons, rolling green hills, and completely destructible palm trees.
With the release of Rally Adventure, we will add new items to the EventLab props list, including brand roadblocks, flags, and civil vehicles. You can use new props to build a new event to highlight the exterior and spirit of Horizon Rally! This part of the content is open to all Horizon 5 players, and users who have not purchased the expansion package can also participate.
Build your dream rally car
In order to encourage you to build your dream rally car, we have introduced new rally car components and a bias ignition system with spectacular flame effect and blasting sound effect! We also add starting control to all vehicles as an assistant to ensure your perfect starting.
Are you ready to raise dust all over the sky? Horizon 5 Rally Adventure introduced 10 new cars suitable for the off-road terrain of Sierra Nueva. Push their performance to the limit on the new track and feel unprecedented fidelity, excitement and fun.
Is there anything else you can prepare for? Start building your rally cars now and try to give full play to their performance!