Fate 2: Autumn of Light and Meteor

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On March 1, the long-awaited “Destiny 2” DLC “Autumn of Light” was officially launched. On the same day, the number of steam online of Destiny 2 exceeded 300000, breaking the historical record of the series. Today (March 3), just two days after its release, the “Autumn of Light and Meteor” expansion film has received a lot of bad reviews. At present, Steam’s rating is mostly poor (only 29% of the 2600 reviews).
At present, among the four DLCs of Destiny 2, only the “Phantom of the Evil Concubine” has positive comments (77% of them are mostly positive), and the other three have mixed and even negative comments. However, “Autumn of Light” has been released for two days and received more comments than “Phantom of the Evil Concubine” in the past year.
The answer is not unique as to why “Autumn of Light and Meteor” has been criticized by the players collectively. Some players criticized the story of “Autumn of Light and Meteor”, some players criticized the middle match like the defense, and some players were disappointed with the limited number of traditional new content, such as empty maps, lack of details, and boring layout.
However, the “Autumn of Light” raid has not yet started, and the response of the current anti-Japanese war season is also good. I don’t know whether the reputation of this DLC can be reversed in the future.