Foreign media sharply commented on COD: praising the US military’s strength and unwilling to face up to war

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Today (March 2), the foreign media Thegamer published an article about the shooting game “Call of Duty” series. The media believed that if the film did not really face up to the evil of war, “Call of Duty” would always be a shooting game full of propaganda for the United States military.
According to the media, in the Call of Mission series, many American troops are deployed to other countries to intervene in their politics, which is an obvious manifestation of support for intervention. For example, “Call of Duty 4: Modern War” fictionalizes the invasion of Afghanistan and Iran in real life, and continues the misconception of the war described. In addition, taking “Call of Duty: Modern War” (2019) as an example, in a mission, people found that the Russian army had attacked an area called “Death Road” before and killed many civilians. In fact, the “Death Road” is a road between Kuwait and Iraq, which was seriously damaged by the US military during the Gulf War.
The media pointed out that Americans were heroes in the game, even if they executed people outside the law or threatened civilians through violence to “ease the situation”. “Call of Duty” attempts to make a lot of allusions to the real struggle of the real country, while actively keeping a distance from the real history behind these situations.
Finally, the media believed that even though Call of Mission did not intentionally spread the United States and advocated American imperialism, it still hoped that Call of Mission would tell a truly influential and honest story about the cruelty of war.