“Fortress Night” and “The Striking Giant” Allen’s skin is coming

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Earlier, it was rumored that the second quarter of the fourth chapter of “Fortress Night” would be linked with “The Striking Giant”. Now that the second season is coming, “Fortress Night” officially announced its linkage with “The Striking Giant”. Eren Yeager’s linked skin will appear in the game.
It can be seen from the picture that Alan Yeager, the protagonist of The Striking Giant, is standing in front of a futuristic city. The official also added: “There are more places outside the wall worth exploring…”https://store.stoneitech.com/
It is conceivable that besides Allen, other characters will also come to the game. However, it is not clear whether this linkage will have a unique game mode. Let’s look forward to the official release of more linkage information in the future!