Four 5A scenic spots will be built in Beijing during the 14th Five-Year Plan

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In order to give full play to Beijing’s cultural tourism advantages and effectively support the construction of an international consumption center city, the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission and the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism jointly formulated and issued the Action Plan for Promoting the High-quality Development of Tourism in Beijing during the “Fourteenth Five-Year Plan” period. During the “Fourteenth Five-Year Plan” period, it is planned to create four 5A scenic spots, five 3A scenic spots will be upgraded to 4A, and two 2A scenic spots will be upgraded to 3A. We will fully implement the online ticket reservation and restriction system within the scope of fee-based tourist attractions and national and provincial tourist resorts.
The overall goal put forward in the Action Plan is that by 2025, Beijing’s modern tourism industry system with deep integration of culture and tourism will be initially completed, a number of world-class scenic spots and high-quality tourism routes with rich cultural heritage and distinctive features will be added, the international first-class, host-guest sharing and urban-rural coordination tourism public service system will be basically improved, and the international, standardized, convenient and intelligent tourism service environment will be significantly improved.
The Action Plan proposes a number of major tasks. In terms of industrial upgrading, efforts should be made to build a tourism brand with multi-industry integration. It is planned to create four 5A scenic spots, five 3A scenic spots will be upgraded to 4A, and two 2A scenic spots will be upgraded to 3A. A number of national tourism demonstration areas, cultural and tourism consumption demonstration cities, key rural tourism villages and towns, and tourism and leisure blocks were listed. Cultivate the first batch of city-level tourist resorts. Build a “one south and one north” historical and cultural heritage boutique tourism belt, focus on the development of industrial mine site tourism in the east and west regions, and develop a new batch of national classic red tourism scenic spots.
In terms of management services, improve the level of digital tourism services and reflect humanistic care. Within the scope of fee-based tourist attractions and national and provincial tourist resorts, we will fully implement the ticket network reservation and restriction system, continue to promote the 5G network coverage of A-level and above scenic spots and national and provincial tourist resorts, and achieve the 5G network coverage of international famous brand hotels above 4-star level. Build a “one-click tour of Beijing” platform. Service windows for special groups shall be set up in scenic spots of Class A and above and national and provincial tourist resorts. We will improve the multilingual service system and improve the convenience of tourists using digital RMB for payment. We will explore the launch of cross-regional and regular tourism through trains and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei tourism special trains.
In terms of complementary facilities, quality improvement should be carried out around tourist destinations. Promote the quality of tourism accommodation, build a “fast forward” and “slow travel” tourism transportation network, and systematically supplement the tourism supporting infrastructure. Layout boutique hotels, improve the quality of star hotels, improve the business and tourism reception functions of Heping New Town in the central urban area, and build a number of high-quality destination hotels, small and medium-sized boutique hotels and characteristic rural homestay clusters in the suburbs of Beijing. We will build suburban railway lines to serve Beijing’s outings, and implement a number of tourism public services and infrastructure projects such as roads, parking lots, tourist service centers, and tourist toilets.
In terms of policy guarantee, improve the urban linkage management mechanism and reasonably guarantee the land demand. The main tasks shall be guided by work indicators, the guarantee of land, capital and other elements shall be improved, the ecological protection, historical and cultural heritage protection and tourism development shall be coordinated, the relevant standards, evaluation index system and supporting policies shall be refined and improved, and the project and inventory management shall be implemented.
Last year’s tourism revenue is expected to reach 419 billion yuan
The city’s tourism industry has achieved a good start during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period. In 2021, the city’s tourism revenue is expected to reach 419 billion yuan, up 44% year on year; The tourist reception is expected to reach 250 million person-times, up 39% year on year. The investment and financing promotion conference for key cultural and tourism projects was held, with a total investment of about 12.2 billion yuan for 45 projects. Highlights of major activities and projects are numerous. The World Leisure Congress was held to attract 110000 tourists to Pinggu for sightseeing. Assist in the construction of the back garden of the urban sub-center for ecological leisure. Build world-class tourist attractions, and the Universal Theme Park officially opened for operation. Further excavate the cultural connotation of the “three cultural belts”, and realize the navigation of cruise ships for 40 kilometers along the North Canal (Tongzhou section). The supply of high-quality products is abundant. More than 200 theme tourism routes, more than 50 Beijing red tourism theme boutique routes and 22 ice and snow tourism boutique routes were launched throughout the year, and the first Beijing red tourism map and ice and snow tourism map were released. The “Walking in Beijing” plan was implemented, and the “Beijing Online Red Punch Place” selection activity was selected as the excellent case of domestic tourism promotion in 2020 by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and 100 new online red punch places in Beijing were launched. The quality of rural tourism has been improved. Promote the implementation of the Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Development of Rural Home Accommodation, and 785 villagers’ accommodation in the city have completed the license processing. We will implement the improvement project of rural homestay catering and carry out the “chefs go to the countryside” paired assistance activities. Launch the second season of “My Peach Blossom Land” large-scale cultural tourism experience program.
The city’s tourism brands continue to emerge. Six projects were listed in the National Night Culture and Tourism Consumption Cluster, two districts were selected as the National Culture and Tourism Consumption Pilot Cities, six villages and three towns were selected as the National Rural Tourism Key Villages and Towns List, two blocks were selected as the National Tourism Leisure Block List, and 100 Beijing Cultural Tourism Experience Bases were identified and released. Smart tourism was actively promoted. The toll grade scenic spots that have been opened in the city have all achieved online booking of tickets.