Game king 5ds animation boss strength ranking, when the dark printer presses the machine god?

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In the 5ds animation of Game King, there are many very classic duels that have left a deep impression on us, whether it is Jack’s duel with the Dragon Seal of Youxing at the beginning, or the duel behind the Dark Seal, or the duel at the end. It makes people want to explore who is the most outstanding role in the boss of the game king!
As an animation party, and also a fan of game king, today I will talk with you about the top bosses in 5ds who have fought with the leading role group from the perspective of animation!
The dark printer is the boss group that appeared in the first chapter of 5ds, and it is also recognized by many animation parties as the 5ds ceiling boss. After all, the dark printer led by Godwin has really made Youxing and others eat a lot in the actual battle. Especially, as the dark printer, Guiliujingjie, directly defeated Youxing by virtue of the god of land binding, Koka Baryap, and the empty-handed combo of the Yonghuo card group (luckily escaped by pulling screws in the animation). And Godwin is in the final direct confrontation with Raven, Jack and Youxing. He uses the Sun and Moon Dragon System to match with the Earth Binding God Veraco Chalaska to fight against the Dragon Seal. Although the final defeat, I personally think the Dark Seal should be the strongest boss group in the 5ds.
The second group that made Youxing suffer is the Nordic trio of gods. They are the gods twilight team in the WRGP competition after Youxing formed a 5ds team. The three people hold the cards of the Nordic Tripolar God respectively, and the cards used are also structures related to the polar star (respectively, the polar star beast, the polar star spirit and the polar star sky). In the animation, the three magic gods in the early generation and the three magic demons in GX are the targets of the three magic gods. Their weight is still very enough. However, in the WRGP, the performance is mediocre. Even with the horn of Galal, which is not OCG, the powerful card still does not play a very bright match. Personally, I think it should be regarded as a relatively mediocre game in the boss war.
Finally, it is Z-ONE in the final battle of 5ds. The card set he uses is the Shiwushen card set designed based on the Tarot card. As the final boss, Shiwushen monsters have the common effect of not being destroyed by the battle and not causing combat damage to themselves in the battle. The extremely high resistance makes Youxing suffer. However, it was finally defeated by the meteoric star dragon made by Immovable Star with the use of extreme acceleration and concordance. Although it was exciting, many players felt that the duel was still inferior to the Dark Print chapter in terms of its brilliance. Therefore, in terms of the boss strength ranking, Shi Wushen could only rank second.
Personally, these boss cards have their own characteristics. If you are interested in this, you can come to the Game King Duel Link National Service. Now the 5ds world is nearing the end, and the Shiwushen activity will be officially opened in early March. In addition, you can also obtain cards such as the Dark Print’s exclusive Earthbound God and the Nordic Tripolar God in the game. Build these systems with your own ideas, and relive the classic moments of these powerful boss cards in the game!