“Ghost Cry: Battle of the Peak” 2.0 Review: Demon Hunter Awakens, Nero’s Third Gear Red Blade Comes Strong!

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“Ghost Cry – Battle of the Peak”, it seems like I haven’t talked about this game for a long time, or heard about it. You can’t even believe it. This game has been in operation for nearly two years. As a mobile game with the official authorization of CAPCOM, it has been highly praised since it was launched in 21 years. In the past two years, they have successively encountered problems such as player loss, closing the recharge system, and so on, which once made players think they are about to stop serving and run away.
But recently, I suddenly heard that he is about to release version 2.0, and this action is not small. What’s the reason that the plot line is stuck between generation 3 and generation 1, causing the main content to be too short and changed! “The complex system of rolling and rolling moves has resulted in too high a threshold for combat operations, and there has been no new role updates or changes!”! The monotonous playing method has led to players entering the long grass period within a few days, and they have all changed! Today, I just caught up with the Awakening Test of Ghost Cry – Battle of the Peak 2.0. That’s not for my good brothers to see!
First of all, here comes the new character! I believe that players who have played the “Ghost Cry” series of games are no strangers to Nero, right?
Nero, as one of the main characters in the “Ghost Cry” series, initially played a controllable role in “Ghost Cry 4”, and later appeared as the protagonist in “Ghost Cry 5”.
Nero, like Dante, Virgil, and Lady, has a high popularity. Although he only appeared in the fourth generation, he quickly gained the favor of many players due to his thought-provoking experience, unique personality, and unique fighting style.
The new character Nero, who has previously caught everyone’s appetite, will join hands with the mobile game version 2.0 and will be available for free the next day. Everyone can rest assured that Nero continues to use the fourth generation modeling, and the classic moves and some characteristic moves of the Ghost Hand period are perfectly preserved in the game. The combined moves produced are basically the same as those of the fourth generation Nero.
In addition, his exclusive weapons, the Scarlet Queen and the Blue Rose, will also appear on the stage together. This is also the exclusive weapon of the fourth generation Nero that players are very familiar with. Unlike the traditional sword used by the knights of the Order, the plan has designed a special design for the Scarlet Queen
‘s mechanism, which can increase its power through overload mode (red knife), can be picked up and chopped down, which can be said to be very handsome!https://www.slw-ele.com/
With such a powerful new character already on the scene, it must not make everyone stumble in the operating experience, so this version 2.0 has also made significant changes in the combat system.
First of all, the game has simplified combat operations, with the operating buttons simplified from the original AB key to a single button. This change allows novice players or disabled players to more easily experience the character’s moves and skills, such as Dante, who was unlocked from the beginning. After the simplification, the basic buttons are left with ordinary attacks, special attacks, dodge, jump, and grand moves.
Long press the common attack button to use the branch attack of “pick up” or “shoot down”. Each other skill has a corresponding function, and the basic logic of each character is almost the same. Using the accumulated magic value of common attacks and special attacks, and then opening the magic state of major moves, it is very easy to use. For people like me who have slow hand speed, it is simply a blessing.
Secondly, this is also a preparation for the future PVP mode. If I operate under 1.0, my operation can be beaten all over the world by the big guys, which simplifies the operation and gives the disabled party a chance to compete with the big guys. Of course, the current version does not yet experience it.
In addition, there are other major changes waiting for everyone in the 2.0 version. By optimizing single player combat to three player team combat, you can combine your own genres arbitrarily. After using genre characteristics to properly match, you can also trigger different combo skills when switching genres during combat, which greatly enhances the fun of combat.
Here, we recommend that if you play with Nero’s lineup, you can choose a trio of Nero, Fire Fist Dante, and Virgil, which is currently a more fun Nero lineup.
In terms of the plot, it is worth mentioning that each main task before took a long time, and players had to manually click to exit. The issue has also been optimized in version 2.0. During the main line of this test, the game will automatically save the player’s current main line progress, and you can switch to other unlocked scenes and participate in any other activities at any time. The game experience is also more smooth.
In addition to the main plot, various forms of practice modes and replicas have been added to the game. For example, players can improve their reaction ability at perfect times, train their combat skills in a gravity patio, exercise jumping skills in top secret files, and challenge BOSS with different difficulties in the Phantom Challenge Arena to verify their lineup configuration and operational abilities, all of which are fully playable.
Overall, the changes made in the Awakening Test of “Ghost Cry – Battle of the Peak 2.0” are enormous. Whether it’s the screen, the plot, or the characters and battles, while maintaining the original flavor of the series of works, carefully listening to the opinions of players. The introduction of the new character Nero, the simplification of the combat system, the optimization of the main line content, and the introduction of more new gameplay methods are all the best presentations.
Today, “Ghost Cry – Battle of the Peak 2.0” has officially opened its beta, and players who like the “Ghost Cry” series of works must not miss it