Go to Ningxia for a seasonal trip and enjoy the customs outside the Great Wall. It turns out that the northwest also plays romance!

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I think you must have seen a small town in the south of the Yangtze River with misty rain and flowing bridges, but have you ever visited the beautiful Ningxia with both grandeur and gentleness, desert and oasis? Come and take a trip to Ningxia for changing seasons, play in Ningxia, and unlock the six wonderful scenic spots!
The first place is Beibao Western Cinema. This is not only a good place for sightseeing, but also a good place for shooting movies and TV dramas. I once shot a very famous movie, “Journey to the West”. If you want to restore the classic film plot at that time, you can rent a suit of clothes and experience it immersively. The ticket of the film and television city is 80 yuan per person. It is suggested that you can start from Qingcheng in the scenic area, and then go to see a street in Ningxia to feel the life state of the old Yinchuan.
The second place is Tongxia Yellow River Grand Canyon. Speaking of the Grand Canyon, it’s really awesome. There are 108 heroes in the Water Margin, but there are 108 towers here. The magnificent Dayu Cultural Park, coupled with the magnificent 10-mile gorge of the Yellow River, shows the perfect integration of human landscape and natural scenery. The admission ticket for the canyon is 190 yuan per person. Tourists can take the sightseeing bus to the observation overpass, climb the bridge and explore the mysterious legend of the 108 towers; You can also take a boat along the Yellow River to enjoy the ten-mile scenery in the valley.
The third place is Shapotou Tourist Area. The desert scenery of Shapi head wind dancing and crazy sand can certainly satisfy your infinite imagination of the desert. It is rare that the scenic spot has both the grandeur of the northwest and the beauty of the south of the Yangtze River. In addition, there are a variety of travel modes for you to choose from. You can walk or ride camels, experience thrilling and exciting beach bikes, and enjoy the pleasure of speeding in the desert. Summer and autumn are the best travel seasons. The entrance ticket of the scenic spot is 80 yuan per person. In addition, there are also entertainment items such as sheepskin rafting, bungee jumping, and flying rope that are charged separately.
The fourth place is Liupanshan Forest Park. This is a natural large oxygen bar, and also a leisure resort very suitable for summer in midsummer. Liupanshan Park has a humid climate and dense trees. It is the first choice for tourists to punch in the nature and enter the pure ecological scenic spot. After entering the park, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way along the gurgling stream. Every breath is full of negative oxygen ions, refreshing. Admission to the scenic spot is 50 yuan per person. It is recommended that you punch in the best scenic spot of Nanchuan, which is beautiful.
The fifth place is Shahu. This is a scenic spot that can’t be missed in Ningxia. The overall geomorphic situation is half sand and half water, with both the majesty of the desert and the beauty of Jiangnan. The best season for bird watching is April to June every year. Photographers have brought their beloved cameras to the Shahu Lake early to prepare for shooting satisfactory works. Of course, another feature of the scenic spot is watching reeds, which are taller than people. Tickets for the scenic spot are 50 yuan per person, and you can choose to visit some fee items.
The sixth place is the Western Xia Tomb. When you enter the royal tomb, a mysterious smell comes to your face, as if you have passed through time and space in an instant, and have been involved in the ancient dynasty. The whole scenic area is magnificent, the scale is as large as the Ming Tombs, and the architectural style is also unique. The admission fee of the scenic spot is 75 yuan per person, which can provide the most intuitive understanding of the history and culture of the Western Xia Dynasty.
This autumn, go to Ningxia once. This land will give you unexpected surprises.