Guangzhou: Light tourism and micro vacation have become the key words of travel during the National Day holiday

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At the end of the National Day holiday in 2022, the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism released official statistics on the evening of October 7. According to preliminary estimates, Guangzhou received more than 8.56 million tourists during the National Day holiday in 2022, and the overall satisfaction rate of citizens and tourists to the cultural tourism market in Guangzhou during the holiday period reached 99.83%. Around the rich holiday cultural tourism products and services, Guangzhou has launched nearly 400 cultural tourism activities. Red tourism, “light tourism” and fashion activities have become popular holiday cultural tourism life for citizens and tourists.
It is reported that during the National Day, many citizens and tourists visited the major red venues in Guangzhou to enjoy the red-themed activities and feel the strong feelings of home and country. The memorial hall of the site of the Third National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the former residence of Yang Paoan, and the memorial hall of the First National Congress of the Communist Party of China welcomed a large number of tourists. According to statistics, 11 monitored red scenic spots in Guangzhou received more than 220000 tourists, and Guangzhou red tourism fever ranked high in the holiday statistics of many online tourism platforms.
“Light tourism” and “micro vacation” have become the key words of National Day travel. Many parents and children who travel by car went to the major characteristic villages in Guangzhou and spent their happy holidays in “unfashionable” ways, such as picking black olives, red persimmons and honey pomelos. According to statistics, the city received 4.4553 million tourists in seven days of rural tourism, and the reservation rate of rural hotels was higher than that of urban areas. It was difficult to find a room for online celebrity boutique homestay.
The diversified camping products drive the holiday camping craze. Camping supporting activities such as music camping festival, tent painting, star-viewing experience, open-air film, lighting festival, outdoor market, Frisbee leisure, band LIVE and so on have been staged in many places, and trendy activities have attracted a large number of young tourists. Many water sports such as paddleboards, canoes and sailing in hydrophilic destinations are also popular.
In addition, according to incomplete statistics, the “Sui Lv Hui” small program provided preferential information inquiry service for more than 200000 people during the National Day, with more than 10000 valid orders, including more than 40% of the scenic spot ticket orders. The small program became the “direct bus” for many citizens and tourists to enjoy the holiday cultural and tourism benefits.