Halo: Infinite furnace mode players have designed 1 million works

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According to 343 industry statistics, since the launch of Meltdown mode last year, as of the beginning of this year, players have used community development tools to design over 1 million works and generated over 8.5 million custom games.
“The November winter update brings a series of new maps, new models, and new features to Halo: Infinity,” said Michael Schorr, chief designer of Halo: Infinity
https://www.slw-ele.com/ One of the most exciting new features is the Furnace Test Mode, a powerful tool set that is deeply loved by players. Starting with Aura 3, Spartan warriors have used this tool to unleash their creativity. “As of January 2, players have created over 1 million works!”
“The Halo community continues to shock us with its imagination and breadth of innovation. We have also made many plans for the Meltdown mode, including mini game modes and new map categories that can enrich players’ creativity. We can’t wait to see the third season, which will start on March 7th.”