Hidden in the downtown area of Guangzhou, this mountain is a paradise that few people know. Let’s see how beautiful it is!

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“Finally, I dare to face the difficulties of life boldly and playfully. Maybe we have never matured and are getting old before we know it. Although in my heart, the young man is still alive. I look back frequently because of anxiety. I ask for help in ignorance, and I am ashamed to ask for help. I climb over every hill tirelessly.” When I hear this song, I will always be involuntary, I can’t help thinking of those tourist scenes and pictures related to mountains. So, the question is, why do people climb mountains? Everyone will give different answers to this question.
Mountain climbing can be explained in three ways: one is to climb as a sport; One is to conquer difficulties and achieve achievements; Another is to surmount the inner limitations and climb the spiritual peak. No matter which one we are in, we can really get in touch with nature in our spare time and climb a real mountain. You can smell the fragrance of wild flowers and feel the moist air in the depths of the forest when you climb the hill; Climbing high mountains and on the cliffs, you can regain confidence and courage or feel the sense of conquest of “viewing the small mountains”. Climbing mountains is like overcoming hardships and facing challenges. Climbing to the top means success.
After reaching the top, you should find that as long as you have faith and persistence, what seems difficult can be achieved eventually. Therefore, mountaineering has also become one of the choices for many people to go out and take photos and punch cards. In Guangzhou, a bustling international metropolis, there are many scattered and distributed mountains, large and small, waiting for you to challenge and climb the top. Among them, in Guangzhou, there is such a mountain hidden in the downtown. It is a paradise rarely known in the city of Guangzhou. Let’s see how beautiful it is!
Today, let’s take you to the six mountains in Yongxing Village, Longgui Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, and have a look at the different scenery here. The six mountains in Guangzhou belong to the Maofeng Mountains, which are connected to the Maofeng Mountains in the north and Baiyun Mountains in the south. The air here is very fresh and the scenery is beautiful. It is a good place for summer vacation and leisure. Entering six mountains is like entering a natural oxygen bar. There are birds singing and flowers fragrant. Being in it is like a “paradise”! The six mountains in Guangzhou are part of the free forest park in Baiyun Mountain. The scenery inside is very original.
The six mountains in Guangzhou can overlook a blue lake from a high altitude. There are two larger lakes to the south of the six mountains, the largest of which is the Honglu Reservoir. The formation of these lakes is related to quarrying activities. From some abandoned buildings along the way, you can feel the production scene here. The blue reservoir looks like the beauty of Tianchi Lake on a clear day, and there are some clear stone beaches around it, A large unfinished construction site on the high side is said to be the main building of the early developed resort project, and the bleak scene adds to the mystery here.
In Guangzhou, it is rare to find reservoirs with deep water and green as emerald. Therefore, the six landscape reservoirs are called “tears” of Guangzhou. In fact, this is just a man-made ponding lake at the site of a quarry, but it is beautiful with clear and transparent water! Although the lake area of the six Shanshui reservoirs is not very large, there are different landscapes from the foot of the mountain, the mountainside and the top of the mountain, which is really a scenery step by step. Two mountaineering paths, different mountaineering fun. In addition, the roast chicken at the foot of the six mountains in Guangzhou is also famous. Don’t miss it.
Especially for friends who work and live in Guangzhou and the surrounding provinces and cities, if you say, they are tired of the noise and noise of the city. I want to take advantage of the weekend or other free time to go out and play, take photos and punch in, and appreciate and feel the beauty related to Guangzhou. Still, I have a special liking for the mountain hidden in the downtown of Guangzhou. The six mountains in Guangzhou are really a good place to visit.
Here, we need a warm reminder. Although there are many routes to the six mountains in Guangzhou, choose or transfer to Guangzhou Metro Line 14 to Baiyun Dongping Station. Then go out at Exit A and transfer to Bus 799 and get off at Yongxing Village Exit Station. It is relatively easy to climb from here, with few people, and close to the subway station. If you are interested in this place, you can collect it first. There will be time later. Start again. Take her (him), or relatives and friends together to hug and feel the different visual feast and touching brought by the six mountains in Guangzhou.