Huangling: praised as “the most beautiful village in China” by the outside world

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Jiangxi Province, as a large province in the south of China, has been famous for its mild climate and beautiful scenery since ancient times. In recent years, not only with the upgrading of industrial structure and innovative development, it has achieved a very significant leap in economic production. It also relies on its long history and cultural heritage, as well as rich natural resources, and has great momentum in the development of tourism.
Both the Tengwang Pavilion, which is said to have the same color as the sky in the Mid-Autumn Festival, and the Lushan Mountain, which has a waterfall like the Milky Way falling for nine days, have become the tourist card of Jiangxi Province to attract foreign tourists.
In addition to these well-known scenic spots, there is such a small village in Jiangxi Province that is known as the most beautiful village in China. It not only has a long history of hundreds of years, but also has formed a quiet atmosphere beyond the world.
This small village is Huangling Village, located in Jiangwan Town, Jiangxi Province. As a very classic ancient village in Huizhou, it can be traced back to the Ming Dynasty more than 600 years ago, and it has a very long history.
In recent years, before the gradual development of tourism, the local residents have been living a life of relying on mountains and drinking water. This kind of comfortable atmosphere seems like a paradise. Even with the increasing number of tourists nowadays, the commercial atmosphere in the village is not very strong. Most tourists come here to pursue the tranquility away from the city.
If you want to come here in terms of transportation and geographical location, you can choose to drive from Nanchang or Changsha, or take a non-stop bus in Ganzhou, whichever way is relatively convenient.
There are no luxurious and gorgeous large-scale landscapes in Huangling Village. All the landscapes you can see are the details of villagers’ daily life close to nature.
One of the most representative is a large area of terraces formed during long-term cultivation, which is also a favorite place for most tourists to take photos and punch cards here. Although the terraces here are not as magnificent as those of Yuanyang and Hani in Yunnan, the natural beauty without artificial modification also has a unique flavor.
If there is something more in the small village with the development of tourism in recent years, it must be a main street in the middle of the village. Although this sky street has existed for hundreds of years in the past, and even now most buildings still have the flavor of time.
However, most of the shops on the street are actually opened by local residents in recent years to increase their income. Basically, they provide some local specialties and souvenir sales services. It can also be said that it adds some modern flavor to this ancient and fragrant village.
In fact, the area of Huangling Village is not very large, and there are only about 100 households living here. However, such a small village, which does not pursue economic development and has no characteristic tourism industry, is rated as the most beautiful village in China. Perhaps this is also a yearning of most people for plain life in the impetuous life.