Hubei: Tourism starts night tour mode, and night tour “watch show” is popular

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“Why not take a candle tour” and enjoy the scenery at night. In the hot weather, many scenic spots in Hubei have successively launched the night show mode, and launched a series of “shows”, which are either lively or trendy or exquisite, to attract tourists like a tidal wave, so that the summer night scenery in Hubei will “live up” and the popularity of the scenic spots will “flourish”.
Night tour “watch show” is popular
The summer night “show” in the scenic spot is colorful and diverse, and tourists “get more than one ticket”. The colorful performances and affordable ticket prices have ushered in the peak of passenger flow in many scenic spots in Hubei.
The beautiful city neon has become a low-cost “show” for some tourists – buy a Yangtze River cruise ticket and watch the city scenery and light show on both sides.
At about 8 p.m. on July 25, Mr. Wei, a Shandong tourist, boarded the boat at the Wuhanguan Dock and spent only 10 yuan to experience his “yearning night tour of the Yangtze River” for 20 minutes. This summer, the “Captain 9” cruise ship was frequently full of passengers. The resident band and singer performed on the deck. The tourists listened to music while enjoying the riverside lights.
Buy a ticket of 90 yuan, then you can take a boat, listen to music, enjoy the scenery, and be happy. Yichang Three Gorges Tourism revealed that since entering the summer tourism peak season, the company’s cruise tourism products, represented by two dams and one gorge and the Yangtze River night tour, have seen a significant increase in tourist reception.
On an online shopping platform, the ticket price of Xiangyang “Hanjiang Charm” cruise is 55 yuan/person, which can enjoy the night scenery and performances. For tourists from other places, it is a good choice to “follow the light” Xiangyang.
Mulan Grassland, famous for its night camping and fireworks performances, continues the activity of “Indulging in the Summer Night Grassland”. The large-scale performance of “Mulan ยท Battle Song in the Cloud” is only performed at night, and the package ticket price of a tourism app, including the large-scale performance and 9 amusement items, is only 100 yuan. On July 29, the first show of the starry city in Mulan Water Town, “Tide Play Wuhan, Glamour Night Tour”, was opened. It will last for one month. The scenic spot will take more than one month to create a “show” that contains elements such as immersive holographic projection, intangible cultural heritage hit iron, interpretation of the Tang Dynasty, and water screen film.
Some “sharp eye” weapons also appeared in the “scenic spot show” on the summer night. Recently, Wudang Mountain launched the unmanned aerial vehicle skyscreen show. With the sky as the curtain, the formation of 500 UAVs “painted” 18 groups of Wudang element patterns in the air at a height of 200 meters by changing the formation. Near the Yuxu Palace at the foot of the mountain, many tourists have a free feast for their eyes.
One ticket for “show” is hard to get
“The ancients sighed, the mountains and rivers are high, and the bosom friends are hard to find…” With a whistle and a recitation, in Hankou River Beach, a performance of sound, light and shadow perfectly interwoven officially opened, bringing the full ship of tourists back to the voice of the people on the passenger ship of the last century. On July 20, Xinjiang tourist Xiao Peng boarded the “Zhiyin”: “It has been said that it is hard to get a ticket for Zhiyin. It’s good to be here today.”
The 120-meter “Zhiyin” cruise ship is based on the “Jianghua Ship” of Minsheng Company at the beginning of the 20th century. It sets sail on time at 7:50 every night. The immersive performance in the ship is based on Wuhan in the 1920s and 1930s. Here, people meet all kinds of “boat passengers” to dance, drink and enjoy the scenery. According to statistics, as of July 17, “Zhiyin” has performed 1444 times in total, almost full of visitors, and has received more than 1 million tourists.
Recently, the night economy in Tangcheng, Xiangyang, the scene of the popular drama “Dream of China”, was also “irritated”. The relevant person in charge of the scenic spot said that after the resumption of the night tour on July 1, the revenue in just six days reached about 68% of the previous month. Rosefinch Gallery, East-West City, Panoramic Stage… The city of Tangshan is beautiful under the light. Walking in the street, the actors covered with gauze waved their hands frequently; Buy a “fruit” to taste the delicacy and elegance of China-Chic pastry; Watching the scene drama “Dream Back to the Tang Dynasty” and interacting with the actors on the spot… In the “Night Tang City”, tourists can immerse themselves in the style of the prosperous Tang Dynasty by spending 100 yuan of night tickets.
The reporter noticed that all the major scenic spots took great pains to create the scene of the immersive night tour. Tangshan has been built into a bright “night city”, creating conditions for tourists to take photos and “punch in”; The Zhiyin House not only has retro-style interior furnishings, but also has sufficient air conditioning.
Women prefer “immersion tour”
Among the tourists who choose immersive night tour, female consumers occupy the main position, and “mother and daughter tour” and “girlfriends tour” can be seen everywhere.
More than 60% of the female consumers on the “bosom friend number” are women: the mother and daughter dressed in the clothes of the Republic of China tell each other through the microphone hosted on the spot; Three female college students made an appointment with each other to register as bosom friends many years after graduation; Guangdong tourist Ms. Xiao Zhou and Xiao Chen are college roommates. They made an appointment to travel to Wuhan during the sophomore summer vacation. They also chose the clothing rental service of Zhiyin No. They rented cheongsam and headdress for 30 yuan each, hoping to “fit the scene better and look better” when taking photos
There are also many female tourists in Tangcheng scenic area who choose to change into ancient clothes and hire professional photographers to take photos along the way, leaving a beautiful image. Ms. Liu, a Hunan tourist, rented a set of red hanfu for 120 yuan at an ancient clothing shop near the scenic spot, and the shop also “rounded up” her hair style and makeup. After watching the performance of the sitcom, she said: “Wearing Han clothes to watch the performance, it seems that she has become a person in the play.”
Industry insiders revealed that the immersive consumption experience with a sense of substitution and interaction involves many links, such as makeup experience, scene interaction, punch in and take photos, and is more likely to be favored by women. At present, immersive experience has covered almost all fields of emerging consumption of cultural tourism, and is becoming the “next air vent” of the cultural tourism industry.