If you want to see the snow, don’t go to the north, don’t go out of Jiangxi, and Jiujiang is just romantic

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The flying snow deduces a different romantic story. The goose feather snow in winter has fantastic magic. Everywhere it touches, it has beautiful scenery. The white snowflakes have different shapes. Each one is romantic and falls on the ground, continuing a beautiful story.
In fact, if you want to see snow, you don’t have to go to the north. After all, the north is too far away. You can also meet beautiful snow scenery within Jiangxi. Jiujiang has a beautiful scenery, just romantic.
The dream of rime, I only knew when I saw it, that the branches on the tree had already been bent by the heavy snow, and each tree had a free shape. The howling north wind ushered in the cold season, and the story in the ice and snow world had a more magical color.
The snow on the tree falls down from time to time, falls on the ground, and instantly integrates with the earth. The orange light in the hut flickers in the dark. The simple house also has the dream of the castle.
Walking slowly in the ice and snow, I don’t count the number of footprints printed on the ground. I only know that there are happy times in the footprints. When I look up, I can meet the romantic snowflakes. The light snowflakes fall in the palm of my hand and melt in an instant. The brief beauty, however, leaves a romantic shadow in my heart.
The snow on the roof, which has not melted, has piled up a thick layer. The icicles under the eaves are indistinguishable from the real ones. You can touch it gently with your hands, but you can feel its temperature.
Although the house is small, it is warm enough. The sun after the heavy snow is warmer than usual. A beam of warm sunshine shines diagonally, and every corner has a warm breath. The swaying shadow of the tree has also become a dreamlike picture.
The window flower on the glass is a gift from nature. With a gentle sigh, the familiar name is written on the glass window. The beauty in memory reappears in front of me. The sunlight reflected on the glass disperses the chill around, and the golden light warms my heart.
The houses on the mountain are as beautiful as a castle. It seems that this place is not domestic. With the full Nordic wind, people feel like they are in a foreign country. Only the retro street lamps have clear shadows.
The snow on the wire fell with the wind and fell on the ground, leaving a deep mark. Walking in the ice and snow, even though the howling wind around brought bursts of coolness, the joy in the heart could not be hidden.
Pick up the fallen branches, paint on the snow, and paint wantonly. The familiar figure in my heart, the sunlight, and the scroll on the ground also have warm shadows.
The snow under the sun has the brightness of stars, white snow, glittering light, dazzling light, charming and romantic. When you walk, your head turns white.
The romantic story is still being written. The snow scenery on the glass has become more and more dreamy and beautiful with the passage of time. A little light and shadow has painted the tenderness of fleeting years on the ground. Slowly, the cold heart has melted.
In the quiet mountain forest, there is no noise, only the wind. When the snowflakes fall, there is no sound. So quietly, the whole mountain forest is romantic.
Houses are scattered in the snow and ice world, with tall trees guarding the dreamy world, and every house here is full of romantic fairy tales.
The festive red lanterns are still shaking. Half of the warm sun has already been slanted on the branches. The snow on the trees is melting little by little. The snowflakes under the sun have an unspeakable romance.
The thread of the lantern has an elegant posture in the wind, and the good wishes float away in the distance, and the yearning in the wind is getting stronger and stronger.
In the waterside pavilions and corridors, there are few pedestrians. The warm sunshine is sprinkled on the pavilions and corridors. The seemingly inconspicuous buildings also have bright light.
The trees in the painting are all in free shape. The white trees stand in rows and quietly dream about the whole mountain forest.
The beautiful scenery on the mountain is even more amazing. The vast sea of clouds obscures the distant scenery. The hazy scenery is even more romantic.
Many people may have been to Lushan Mountain in Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province, but few people know that the snow scenery here is more beautiful.